On Wednesday 20th November some channels are making important changes to their channel numbers and how they are broadcast.

To continue viewing these channels from their new homes you will need to retune your TV.

The changes include:

  • Quest Red+1 has moved to channel 72
  • Together TV has moved to channel 88
  • Together +1 has moved to channel 89
  • PBS America has changed how it is broadcast. There will be an increase in coverage for this channel and it will now be broadcast between 13:00 and 23:00
  • PBS America+1 has launched on channel 93
  • Now 80s has been renamed Now Xmas

Visit our help pages and enter your postcode and house name or number to find the channels available to you and check the status of Freeview where you live.

Alternatively for help on how to retune, watch our handy retune videos.