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Articles in 2013

March, 2013

NEW: TV Guide with catch up links
Freeview re-launches website with new TV Guide featuring catch up TV links
Freeview homes surpass 11 million as BBC Two HD launches on Freeview's HD service today
What equipment do I need?
How do I find an aerial installer?
I live in a flat or housing with a communal aerial. Can I still get Freeview?
Can I watch Freeview using a portable set top or loft aerial?
Can I get Freeview through my satellite dish?
How does the Freeview coverage checker predict if I am in coverage?
How do I switch to Freeview?
What channels can I get?
How do I contact the manufacturer of a Freeview product?
Can I watch Freeview on my computer?
Does Freeview have a parental lock facility?
Can I get high definition TV (HDTV) on Freeview?
What is Freeview HD with Smart TV?
Can I access any ‘pay’ channels with Freeview?
Can I record Freeview programmes?
Do I pay a subscription to get Freeview?
What is a Freeview HD Recorder?
Will I need to change my aerial to get a Freeview HD Recorder?
What can I watch on Freeview HD?
How much does Freeview HD cost?
How do I get Freeview HD?
Will I need to change my aerial to get Freeview HD?
Will I still be able to watch channels in standard definition with my Freeview HD equipment?
What is a Freeview HD Recorder?
Can I get Freeview HD if I have a shared or communal aerial system?
How do I set up a standard definition digital box or digital TV recorder?
How do I set up a TV with Freeview built in?
How do I set up a Freeview HD Recorder, TV and DVD together?
How do I set up my Freeview HD recorder?
Where can I get further help setting up?
How do I set up Freeview on all the TVs in my house?
Why is my TV not receiving a signal from the digital box?
Can I get Freeview reception?
How do I find an aerial installer?
Why am I having problems with my reception?
Why is my TV picture freezing or blocking?
Why am I receiving the wrong BBC or ITV regional programmes?
How do I record, pause and rewind live TV using a Freeview HD Recorder?
What’s the Freeview HD Recorder green button for?
Why do I only get some of the Freeview channels?
How can I check if engineering work is affecting my TV services?
My digital box or TV is telling me it has found a new channel. What do I do?
How do I find out about a new channel launch?
I have a software upgrade message on screen. What do I do?
Where can I go for help and support with my equipment or Freeview services?
My digital box or TV has stopped working. How do I reboot it?
Where can I buy a new remote control?
I’ve lost the manual for my digital TV or set top box. Where can I get another one?
What is Freeview?
Do I need a TV licence to watch Freeview?
How do I use the Freeview logo?
How do I complain about Freeview channel content?
What is Freesat?
What access services are there for disabled people?
Can I get subtitles on Freeview?
Does Freeview provide audio description for the visually impaired?
Information about adult channels
How can I block adult content?
How much will it cost?
PVR killed the Video Star
Testing of the impact of 4G mobile broadband on Freeview reception begins
Retune in the West of England 27 March
Can I get Freeview where I live?
All grown up: Red Nose Day celebrates 25 years
The Rise of the BEVs (British Euro Viewers)

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