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Articles in 2015

September, 2015

Attention! Freeview recruits new channels
How do I get more help with Freeview Play?
What happens when I can’t see programmes as I go backwards in the TV guide?
How do I restart my Freeview Play product?
Having trouble with your network connection?
How do I improve my internet connection?
Do you need help with broadband?
Do you need more help with your Broadband connection?
What is a factory reset and why would I do it?
Do you have a problem with an individual TV player?
What do I do if have issues with picture/sound/playback for on-demand programmes?
Can I watch catch up TV when my aerial isn’t plugged into my Freeview Play TV or recorder?
How do I update my Panasonic TV with Freeview Play software?
How will I know which programmes are available on catch up?
What other services are available?
What about settings for individual players?
How do I navigate the players?
Why would I watch catch up in SD instead of HD?
What is Freeview Play?
How will the Freeview Play line-up of players vary between England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland?
Freeview Play products now available from Panasonic, LG, JVC, Philips, Hisense, Sony, Humax and more
Why are software updates important?
What about search or recommendation features?
Is Freeview Play really subscription free?
What does Freeview Play offer?
Why can’t I see certain programmes in the TV guide when I look for catch up?
Can I watch the start of live BBC programme if I missed the start?
Which products have Freeview Play?
Where can I buy Freeview Play products?
How many programmes are available to view on demand on Freeview Play?
What do I need to get Freeview Play?
If I get only the most popular TV channels at my address will I find more programmes on Freeview Play?
What do I look for in the shops?
Anything but rugby…
Buying a TV: how big do you go?
Freeview Play To Launch in October
Scrum down for the 2015 Rugby World Cup
The X Factor 2015: what you need to know
LG has released a software update to bring the Freeview Play scroll-back TV guide to compatible 2016 LG TVs

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