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How to follow UEFA Euro 2020 this summer

The BBC and ITV will broadcast this summer’s rearranged European Championship which will be held across 12 countries to celebrate 60 years of the tournament.

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Meet the qualified teams

Group A

Turkey, Italy, Wales, Switzerland.

Group B

Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Russia.

Group C

Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria, North Macedonia.

Group D

England, Croatia, Czech Republic, Scotland.

Group E

Spain, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia.

Group F

Germany, France, Portugal, Hungary.

The games and where to watch them

  • ⚽ Friday, June 11

    Turkey vs Italy, 8pm (Group A, BBC)

  • ⚽ Saturday, June 12

    Wales vs Switzerland, 2pm (Group A, BBC)
    Denmark vs Finland, 5pm (Group B, BBC)
    Belgium vs Russia, 8pm (Group B, ITV)

  • ⚽ Sunday, June 13

    England vs Croatia, 2pm (Group D, BBC)
    Austria vs North Macedonia, 5pm (Group C, ITV)
    Holland vs Ukraine, 8pm (Group C, ITV)

  • ⚽ Monday, June 14

    Scotland vs Czech Republic, 2pm (Group D, BBC)
    Poland vs Slovakia, 5pm (Group E, ITV)
    Spain vs Sweden, 8pm (Group E, BBC)

  • ⚽ Tuesday, June 15

    Hungary vs Portugal, 5pm (Group F, ITV)
    France vs Germany, 8pm (Group F, ITV)

  • ⚽ Wednesday, June 16

    Finland vs Russia, 2pm (Group B, BBC)
    Turkey vs Wales, 5pm (Group A, BBC)
    Italy vs Switzerland, 8pm (Group A, ITV)

  • ⚽ Thursday, June 17

    Ukraine vs North Macedonia, 2pm (Group C, ITV)
    Denmark vs Belgium, 5pm (Group B, ITV)
    Holland vs Austria, 8pm (Group C, BBC)

  • ⚽ Friday, June 18

    Sweden vs Slovakia, 2pm (Group E, BBC)
    Croatia vs Czech Republic, 5pm (Group D, BBC)
    England vs Scotland, 8pm (Group D, ITV)

  • ⚽ Saturday, June 19

    Hungary vs France, 2pm (Group F, BBC)
    Portugal vs Germany, 5pm (Group F, ITV)
    Spain vs Poland, 8pm (Group E, BBC)

  • ⚽ Sunday, June 20

    Italy vs Wales, 5pm (Group A, ITV)
    Switzerland vs Turkey, 5pm (Group A, ITV)

  • ⚽ Monday, June 21

    Ukraine vs Austria, 5pm (Group C, ITV)
    North Macedonia vs Holland, 5pm (Group C, ITV)
    Russia vs Denmark, 8pm (Group B, BBC)
    Finland vs Belgium, 8pm (Group B, BBC)

  • ⚽ Tuesday, June 22

    Croatia vs Scotland, 8pm (Group D, ITV)
    Czech Republic vs England, 8pm (Group D, ITV)

  • ⚽ Wednesday, June 23

    Sweden vs Poland, 5pm (Group E, ITV)
    Slovakia vs Spain, 5pm (Group E, ITV)
    Portugal vs France, 8pm (Group F, BBC)
    Germany vs Hungary, 8pm (Group F, BBC)

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