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Freeview – The Other Way

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The Other Way

We’ll be joining you as you watch your favourite shows and chiming into the conversation. Our new adverts speak to you in your living room and show a lot of people getting creative with different things, from glowing light shows and dancing flags, to umbrellas, waves and balloons. If you ask us, we’re very happy with the results. Shot in-camera, everything you see was made by real people in real life with absolutely no fancy computer effects. So what you see is what you get, just like with Freeview.


Freeview Play

Bringing you live TV and catch up together, in the TV guide

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Freeview HD

With 15 HD channels in vivid natural detail, we’ve got HD covered

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Freeview HD Recorder

Pause, record and rewind any show across 70 digital and 15 HD channels

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Making of

Go behind the scenes to see how our production was put together. Watch the team try and corral a thousand people and turn a bare warehouse into a colourful and coordinated show. Be amazed by their success in crafting mesmerising shapes and patterns, but watch out for those going the other way…

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Freeview 360 Video

From the comfort of your homePJs and all – you can join the experience in 360° through your browser. Alternatively, grab your VR headset or Google Cardboard and throw yourself into the excitement and colour of the production.

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