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In this consultation, Digital UK proposes a package of changes to the LCN Policy, which aim to:

  • Enable the use of new technology in Freeview Play devices, which will make it easier for viewers to discover HD content, and give them access to more channels.
  • Give more flexibility to channel providers. We believe channel providers are best placed to manage their portfolios to the benefit of viewers.

In particular, we propose to:

  • Enable HD channels to take the place of their SD equivalents, on devices which support this.
  • Enable ‘IP fallback’ channels on devices which support this. That could mean that devices that are not connected to an aerial could nonetheless receive certain channels via IP; and that viewers who rely on relay transmitters, and are therefore missing channels from some UK-wide multipexes, could receive some of those channels via IP.
  • Enable channels that are delivered solely via IP, with no DTT element, to be received by devices that support them.
  • Remove the restrictions on how often channel providers may reorder LCNs within their portfolio and change channels’ names.
  • Remove the restrictions on channel providers trading LCNs.
  • Increase the minimum broadcast hours requirement for any new channel launching on the platform to six hours per day.

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We encourage responses from all stakeholders in the DTT platform; particularly channel providers, multiplex operators, TV platforms that would be affected by the proposals, consumer groups, and viewers and listeners.

  • All responses should reach Digital UK by 17:00 on 13 January 2021.
  • Responses should be emailed to [email protected]

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