We believe that everyone in Britain has the right to a brilliant free TV service.  A service that reflects and celebrates every diverse aspect of living in Britain today. From a company which is open to everyone.

The only way we will achieve our aim is to make our workplace an equal and inclusive environment where we foster freedom to grow, learn and thrive.  And to hear from a range of diverse voices to make sure all aspects of modern Britain are represented, reflecting a broad range of genres, viewpoints and types of people across all our channels.

Freeview champions diversity and inclusion, but will also challenge non-inclusive and discriminatory behaviours or communications.  We will stand by those who stand up against systemic inequalities. We will be allies to those who are under-represented.  And we will continue to learn about equality, diversity and inclusion, and its impact on different people.

We will focus on evolving our practices across the whole business - People, Consumers and Industry -  to ensure we’re providing an inclusive work environment for all. 

We are working with Equality Works to guide our approach to diversity and inclusion. This will further support us in our commitment to making Freeview a place of work that provides fair and equal career growth and opportunity to all its employees. And we are determined to attract a more diverse workforce across all areas.

After all, Freeview is for everyone.