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All the Football

Football fans, we’ve got you covered!

Like an elite international side, Freeview has been undergoing some serious pre-tournament preparations. With 64 matches and Russia’s 11 time zones, keeping track of all the games could give anyone a headache. So, to make things a little easier over the summer, we put our heads together and created a handy new schedule to make sure you never miss a match.

Upcoming Group Highlights

Spain vs Portugal

Spain Vs Portugal

15th June, 7pm

Brazil vs Switzerland

Brazil Vs Switzerland

17th June, 7pm

Tunisia Vs England

Tunisia Vs England

18th June, 7pm

Group Matches Schedule


Thursday 14 June

Russia Vs Saudi Arabia – ITV, 4pm

Friday 15 June

Egypt Vs Uruguay – BBC One, 1pm
Morocco Vs IR Iran – ITV, 4pm
Portugal Vs Spain – BBC One, 7pm

Saturday 16 June

France Vs Australia – BBC One, 11am
Argentina Vs Iceland – ITV, 2pm
Peru Vs Denmark – BBC One, 5pm
Croatia Vs Nigeria – ITV, 8pm

Sunday 17 June

Costa Rica Vs Serbia – ITV, 1pm
Germany Vs Mexico – BBC One, 4pm
Brazil Vs Switzerland – ITV, 7pm

Monday 18 June

Sweden Vs Korea Republic – ITV, 1pm
Belgium Vs Panama – BBC One, 4pm
Tunisia Vs England – BBC One, 7pm

Tuesday 19 June

Columbia Vs Japan – BBC One, 1pm
Poland Vs Senegal – ITV, 4pm
Russia Vs Egypt – BBC One, 7pm

Wednesday 20 June

Portugal Vs Morocco – BBC One, 1pm
Uruguay Vs Saudi Arabia – BBC One, 4pm
IR Iran Vs Spain – ITV, 7pm

Thursday 21 June

Denmark Vs Australia – ITV, 1pm
France Vs Peru – ITV, 4pm
Argentina Vs Croatia – BBC One, 7pm

Friday 22 June

Brazil Vs Costa Rica – ITV, 1pm
Nigeria Vs Iceland – BBC One, 4pm
Serbia Vs Switzerland – BBC One, 7pm

Saturday 23 June

Belgium Vs Tunisia – BBC One, 1pm
Korea Republic Vs Mexico – ITV, 4pm
Germany Vs Sweden – ITV, 7pm

Sunday 24 June

England Vs Panama – BBC One, 1pm
Japan Vs Senegal – BBC One, 4pm
Poland Vs Colombia – ITV, 7pm

Monday 25 June

Uruguay Vs Russia – ITV, 3pm
Saudi Arabia Vs Egypt – ITV4, 3pm
Spain Vs Morocco – BBC One, 7pm
IR Iran Vs Portugal – BBC, 7pm

Tuesday 26 June

Australia Vs Peru – ITV4, 3pm
Denmark Vs France – ITV, 3pm
Nigeria Vs Argentina – BBC One, 7pm
Iceland Vs Croatia – BBC, 7pm

Wednesday 27 June

Korea Republic Vs Germany – BBC One, 3pm
Mexico Vs Sweden – BBC, 3pm
Serbia Vs Brazil – ITV, 7pm
Switzerland Vs Costa Rica – ITV4, 7pm

Thursday 28 June

Japan Vs Poland – BBC One, 3pm
Senegal Vs Colombia – BBC, 3pm
Panama Vs Tunisia – ITV4, 7pm
England Vs Belgium – ITV, 7pm

And if that wasn’t enough football for you…

Russia 2018
Opening Ceremony
14 June, 2.30pm

Managing England Screenshot
Managing England: The Impossible Job
17 June, 9pm

World Cup Rivalries
World Cup Rivalries
16 June, 6.40pm

Or On Demand

Frankie Goes to Russia
Frankie Goes to Russia
BBC iPlayer

Hopes of a Nation
The World Cup: Hopes of a Nation
BBC iPlayer

Heroes of 66
The World Cup: Heroes of ’66
BBC iPlayer