On Wednesday 15 April 2020 some channels are making changes to their positions in the Freeview TV Guide.

You may need to retune to update your TV to keep your TV Guide up to date. To find out more about retuning watch our handy retune videos.

New channels:

  • Yesterday+1 will be launching on channel 75.
  • CCXTV will be moving to and launching their new content on channel 23.

Channels no longer available:

  • Smithsonian will no longer be available on channel 793 but is still available to view on channel 57.
  • Paramount +1 will no longer be available on channel 94.

Channel changes:


Changes as of 15 April 2020

Create & Craft  Are moving from channel 23 to 95.
Sony Movies Are changing the way they are broadcast.
Trans World Radio Are changing the way they are broadcast.

To find out more about what channels are available to you and check the status of Freeview in your area, visit our Help section and enter details of where you live.

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