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If you haven’t watched Killing Eve yet, where have you been?! The epic British spy thriller became one of our TV obsessions last year and fans have been eagerly awaiting its return.

For those who have been living under a rock and haven’t seen the series, in a nutshell it follows sexy assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer) as she embarks on a European killing spree while being hunted by MI5 officer Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh). The cat-and-mouse chase turned into a weird obsession/love affair that culminated in the nail-biting finale that saw Eve collapse into bed with Villanelle at her swanky Paris apartment, and just when we thought they were going to get it on, the intelligence officer dealt a shocking twist when she stabbed the killer instead.

Series two kicks off just 30 seconds later as Eve, still holding the knife, is overcome with panic as she realises what she’s done and the implications that has for her life. Without waiting to see whether she’s dealt a killer blow to her prey, she does a runner from the French capital. Meanwhile, Villanelle is wounded in more ways than one, not only does she need medical attention and fast, her pride has been dented as she let her guard down for once.

Eve manages to make her way back to Britain where she is introduced to her new spy team and has to bring them up to speed on everything she knows about the Russian serial killer. Meanwhile, unable to go to hospital to tend to her wound, Villanelle charms her way into a man’s home where she has time to recuperate and plan her next move.

The main problem for Villanelle is she is also being hunted by some Russians she double-crossed, and if she has any chance of surviving them she’s going to need Eve’s help.

“She’s genuinely fearing for her life and her life is the most important thing to her so she’ll go to any lengths to make sure that she survives,” explains Liverpool-born Jodie, who won the best actress Bafta last month for her portrayal of the bloodthirsty psychopath.

With Villanelle on the back foot, fans can expect the body count to be even higher this series. Good news for Jodie, who says she loves filming the gruesome death scenes

“The murders are the best days on set purely because most of the time they’re outrageous and nothing is ever quite what you think,” smiles Jodie. “There is one particular moment towards the end of the series that is epic. It was shot over two days, which was really physical and quite draining, but other than that it’s just so much fun.

She is so free and has no sense of consequence or fear. In this day and age a lot of us have a lot of fear, so what would it be like to wake up and have no fear? To be able to play that and do all this crazy stuff and express all these emotions, or lack of emotions, she’s just so much fun to play.

Aside from the witty dialogue and shockingly wild murders, Villanelle’s fashion sense has become a focus of the show. This killer doesn’t like to blend in, instead she slips into her favourite high-end luxury labels.

The style for series two is just as sumptuous but it takes a while for Villanelle to “claw her way back to her Chloe” as she’s struggling for money to begin with.

“It takes a bit of time to get her style back,” adds Jodie. “She’s a little down on her luck but that’s what’s so great, she’s completely stripped of her luxuries at the beginning.

I love that part of her though, it’s always so much fun doing costume fittings and playing around. It’s a really fun part of playing her, I wish I had a wardrobe as big as hers!

It’s not just Villanelle’s fashion that’s to die for, the second series of this British thriller is sure to be everyone’s TV obsession this year and the good news is, telly bosses have already confirmed series three!