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Help! It’s the Summer Holiday!

Posted July 29, 2016 - Blog Posts

School’s out for summer!

The kids are excited . . .

Or they were, during that crucial hour of novelty that came and went. Soon, they realise they have nothing to do. Cue us parents having to find things to fill up their schedule.

With more channels than ever for kids, Freeview can help fill their down time with educational and entertaining shows.

Shaun The Sheep, CBBC

Here, we’re giving you the latest gen on Kids TV, as well as some tips on how to find things to do near you this summer.

The Channels

CBeebies and CBBC

The word ‘CBeebies’ has become so synonymous with Children’s TV, you could be forgiven for not realising the variety of channels there are to choose from.

Of course, CBeebies is actually the BBC’s channel aimed at under eights, while The CBBC Channel is home to programmes for older children.

CBeebies latest offerings include Spot Bots – a sketch show series aimed at helping to develop observation and attention skills, Go Jetters – an animated programme where students travel the world with their teacher, and Ruff Ruff, Tweet and Dave – an animated show where the four main characters go on adventures with a different theme each time.

There is also now BBC iPlayer Kids app; a safe way for your kids to catch up on programmes without finding shows you’d rather they didn’t see.

Meanwhile, on CBBC, key new shows for 2016 include Got What It Takes – a talent show for kids, and Airmageddon – a gameshow where contestants fly drones and challenges range from precision flying to airborne battles. These are alongside the classics, such as Arthur, Grange Hill, Tracey Beaker and ChuckleVision.

CBeebies broadcasts from 6:00am to 7:00pm daily on Freeview channel  121
CBBC broadcasts from 6:00am to 9:00pm daily on Freeview channel 120


Equally as iconic in terms of output, CITV has brought us everything from Pokémon to Art Attack over the years.

Recently, ITV rebooted Thunderbirds, which is now partly computer animated, but still uses some scale model miniature effects. The show still features the exploits of International Rescue with all the classic characters and vehicles to boot.

Another great offering is Bear Grylls Survival School, which sees children put through their paces by the man himself.

CITV broadcasts from 6:00am to 9:00pm on Freeview channel  122

Pop and Tiny Pop

Pop broadcasts a large variety of children’s programmes, with an age remit spanning 4 to 15.

It has a mix of shows previously aired on other channels, as well as unique content. Titles include ALVINNN!!! And the chipmunks, Lego Friends, I. N. K. Invisible Network of Kids, and Littlest Pet Shop, so there’s something for everyone.

Tiny Pop is similar in remit to CBeebies. Current programme line-up includes classics such as Clifford the Big Red Dog and Postman Pat, so it makes for a useful alternative for the younger age group.

Pop and Tiny Pop broadcast 24 hours a day on Freeview channels 125 and 126


A sister channel to the Pop channels, Kix has more of an onus on cartoons/animation. Among its show are: Legends of Chima, Power Rangers, Numb Chucks and many more.

Kix broadcasts 24 hours a day on Freeview channel 127

Summer activities for children

Of course, it wouldn’t be summer without plenty of outdoor activities, and you might be surprised what there is to choose from near you.

If you’re more interested in attractions, the Telegraph has put together some of the best UK attractions for children and young people. These include: museums, theme parks, studio tours, historic sites, and much more.

But for those days where you would prefer to create fun activities at home, check out these great ideas from Netmums, ranging from craft ideas to quizzes and everything in between.


And don’t forget: Whatever you do this summer, have fun!

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