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TV that broadens the mind

Posted May 7, 2015 - Blog Posts

Have you seen what’s on Yesterday recently? Well, prepare to have your mind blown. From Mummies Alive to Impossible Engineering, Yesterday has a whole bunch of fascinating factual shows that’ll keep you glued to your TV.

Mummies Alive

Hundreds of years after they drew their last breaths, see some of the world’s best-preserved mummies brought back to life through realistic CGI. Some of these mummies died in battle, were tortured, or even murdered – you could find yourself hiding behind a cushion for this one.

Mummies Alive on Yesterday at 8pm on Friday 8 May and 9pm on Monday 11 May

Impossible Engineering

From state-of-the-art ships to record-breaking buildings, this absorbing show recounts the stories behind some of the most challenging feats of engineering in history. Through striking 3D imagery, archive and specially shot footage, you’ll see how the impossible was made possible.

Impossible Engineering on Freeview

Impossible engineering on Yesterday at 9pm on Tuesday 26 May.

Secrets of the Bible

How did Moses part the Red Sea? What happened to the Ark of the Covenant? This fascinating series shines a spotlight on the adventurers, archaeologists, historians, scientists and eccentrics who have tried to uncover the truth behind the most extraordinary biblical events.

Secrets of the Bible on Yesterday at 1pm on Thursday 14 May.

Tales of Irish Castles

Explore the remarkable history and characters associated with the most beautiful castles across Ireland. The enthralling series investigates the key role that Irish castles played across the centuries. Using stunning aerial footage, you’re taken on an incredible journey throughout the island of Ireland.

Tales of Irish Castles on Freeview

Tales of Irish Castle on Yesterday at 9pm on Thursday 4 May.

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