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Attention! Freeview recruits new channels

Posted September 23, 2015 - Features

We try and cater for everyone. And our new channels give you plenty of choice – Talking Pictures TV, CBS Drama, YourTV, and Rishtey couldn’t be more different from one another. So whether you’re a fan of classic movies or Bollywood, reality TV or US Dramas, you don’t need to look any further than Freeview.

See what Freeview channels you can get at your address.

Talking Pictures TV

Freeview channel 81

Whether it’s westerns or weepies, comedies or creepies, Talking Pictures TV has it all. Relive some of the rarest and greatest gems from film history – most of which are in black and white, the way these movies were originally intended. The channel broadcasts 24/7, so make sure you’re set up with a nice cuppa.


Breaking Blossom. Coming soon on Talking Pictures TV.

Enjoy a selection of films rarely seen on TV. The schedule is a real treasure trove for film buffs, enjoy timeless masterpieces like Summertime starring Katherine Hepburn (4:20pm Monday 28 September), Orson Welle’s The Stranger (6:30pm Tuesday 29 September), Sci-Fi classic Day of the Triffids (9:40pm Wednesday 30 September), and the twice Oscar nominated Second Chorus (10:40am Sunday 4 October). So settle back and relive the golden period for both Hollywood and British cinema on one channel.


Albert R.N. Coming soon on Talking Pictures TV.

You can see what else is coming up on Talking Pictures TV.

CBS Drama

Freeview channel 74

What do we look for in a quality dramas: colourful characters, break-ups, happy endings, cliff-hangers? Looks like CBS Drama ticks all the boxes then. The channel certainly has plenty to choose from, boasting the largest programming library in the world. Watch a selection of highly acclaimed U.S shows or revisit some of your old favourites.


Watch Calfornication (weeknights at 10:40pm) starring David Duchovny as a debauched writer who loves a good drink or two. Another, shall we say, ‘complex’ character is the overworked, pill-popping Nurse Jackie, watch the show on weeknights at 11:15pm. And then there’s one programme that’s divided opinion for well over decade: Sex and the City (weeknights at 10:05pm). Whatever your thoughts on the ‘romantic dramedy’, there’s no doubt the programme revolutionised how television depicted women and sex.



Freeview channel 78

Why is reality TV so popular? Perhaps we empathise more with the characters; we see a bit of ourselves on screen. That’s why Your TV is so entertaining, there’s bucket loads of real stories to watch and relate to. Your TV arrives on 1 October, so don’t forget to tune in.


There’s plenty to sink your teeth into, U.S. legal drama Shark airs Monday to Fridays at 9pm. While Valentine Warner’s Wild Table is guaranteed to whet your appetite (1pm and 1.30pm Monday to Friday). You can also watch Don’t Tell the Bride (3pm Monday to Friday) and Corrupt Crimes (8pm and 8.30pm Monday to Friday). And Dereck Acorah’s Ghost Towns (10pm Monday to Friday) will have you hiding behind a cushion. 



Freeview channel 77

There’s something incredibly captivating about Bollywood entertainment. Every scene seems to be splashed with colour and expression – the overall result is a heightened sense of drama or sheer joy. Hindi entertainment is certainly unique, now you can catch it on Freeview with Rishtey.


Bollywood films on Rishtey include romantic thriller Humraaz (12:30pm Sunday 27 September), action comedy Jo Bole So Nihal (1:30pm Saturday 3 October), romantic drama Dile Maange More (1:30pm Sunday 25 October) and action film Indra the Tiger (12:30pm Saturday 10 October). There’s lots of TV shows too – Pabband Ishq is a dramatic love story (9:30pm Monday to Friday) and Desi Beats showcases the most favourite and exotic Desi trends across the UK and the world.

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