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Home Free

Posted February 26, 2016 - Features

It’s a Freeview first: UKTV’s Home channel, previously only available on subscription is coming to Freeview on March 1st for the first time ever. Now everyone gets the chance to watch some hugely popular home and garden shows presented by familiar and much-loved celebrities.

Here are just some of the Home highlights to look forward to:

Ground Force
Weeknights at 6pm


Unless you’ve been living in the garden shed with no power and only gnomes to talk to for the last 20 years you will have heard of Ground Force. The show where an outside space is transformed in just two days, and usually elicits tears of joy from the unsuspecting owner – not to mention green-eyed envy from the rest of us. When will Alan and the team come and visit us, you ask? Fear not, they’re on their way – to your Freeview TV at least – every weekday on Home from March 1st.


Fantasy Homes by the Sea
Weeknights at 5pm

Let Jenni Falconer whisk you off the living room sofa to some dream properties in Europe and the UK. Prepare for a beguiling taste of life overlooking the ocean waves, as Fantasy Homes by the Sea lets us dream the dream. And if we’re ready to take the next step and make that dream a reality, Jenni’s on hand to offer lots of tips and plenty of advice for relocating. Now you’ll find all those fantasy homes free to watch on Freeview, every day of the week at 5pm.

Weeknights at 8pm


What did we do before Nick Knowles and his DIY team called in favours and pulled heartstrings to recruit friends, family and local trades across Britain? A show with a bigger heart is hard to imagine – and over the years countless deserving people and families have got the makeover they deserved. One episode even saw princes William and Harry roll up their royal sleeves to lend a hand. The call to arms has been given – and Freeview has answered, with a screening every weeknight at 8pm on Freeview channel 25.

Escape to the Country
Weeknights at 9pm


City stress. Noise. The long working hours. No wonder many of us are starting to look enviously across to distant fields as we dream of a life in the sticks. And that’s why Escape to the Country was born – to answer the yearning for a freer life. Which makes Freeview the perfect new home for the show that connects people with their dream homes – and gives the rest us a free taster of country splendour, wherever we are. Plan your own escape every weeknight at 9pm.

Stay tuned to find out how you might take ‘Home’ a great prize: to celebrate the launch of the Home channel on Freeview on the 1st of March.

Note: You may have to retune to get the most up to date service and channels.

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