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Denise Van Outen Promotes Harmonious TV Viewing

Posted November 26, 2012 - Press Releases

Almost *4 Million Brits prepare to Clash over what to watch on TV on Christmas Day 

  • Denise Van Outen promotes harmonious Christmas TV viewing with the help of Freeview+, the box that lets you watch the TV you want, when you want
  • Almost one in ten people admit to arguing over the TV schedule on Christmas Day
  • Kids rule the roost as twice as many parents would rather miss watching their favourite soap special than a family movie on Christmas Day

Denise Van Outen took control with Freeview+ today, pausing and rewinding her favourite carols with the help of Britain’s Got Talent sensation, Out of the Blue, at London’s Leadenhall Market.

In a bid to promote harmonious Christmas TV viewing, everybody’s favourite dancing queen demonstrated some of the features of Freeview+, by pausing and rewinding the live performance with a giant remote control.

Research released today also revealed that a staggering four million people are expected to argue over what to watch on television this Christmas. When faced with the difficult decision of having to pick one programme over another, kids came first with twice as many parents happier to miss out on their favourite soap than a family film for all.

Freeview+, the subscription-free digital TV recorder allows viewers to record one programme whilst watching another, record entire series of favourite shows and pause and rewind live TV, so there’s no reason why everyone can’t watch the TV they want this Christmas.

After months of rigorous training, Denise Van Outen is looking forward to catching up on some of her own favourite programmes: “So much of my time recently has been spent learning new dance routines for Strictly that I haven’t been able to watch loads of my favourite programmes – I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!  We all like watching different programmes in my house so Freeview+ is definitely going to help keep the peace this Christmas.”

Out of the Blue, will take part in a regional tour of Britain’s biggest shopping centres singing well-known Christmas carols backwards with the help of Freeview+ from Saturday 1st December.

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