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Freeview launches festive marketing campaign for Freeview+

Posted November 2, 2012 - Press Releases

New TV advert launches today promoting Freeview + following a week of celebrations as Freeview marks its 10th anniversary and the end of digital switchover

Freeview, the UK’s biggest digital television service will today launch a new TV advert and festive themed marketing campaign to dramatise the benefits of using a Freeview+ box this Christmas so that everyone can watch the TV they want.

The campaign continues to use  helium balloons to represent Freeview’s content, but also this time features balloons in the shape of  plus signs to symbolise all of the wonderful viewing moments that families can pause, rewind and record over the festive season with Freeview +. The new campaign demonstrates all the simple features on the Freeview + box and reminds viewers that Freeview gives everyone the power to watch the television they want this Christmas when they want to and, without a subscription.

Freeview’s Marketing Communications Director Guy North said: “Christmas is a time for family, and the television forms a central part of the shared experience over the festive season. Freeview+ families can look forward to an even better television experience this year – not only free, quality programming but also the power to avoid family squabbles about whether to watch Downton or Doctor Who. With Freeview +, families will not miss a TV moment this year.”

The 40 second film created by Leo Burnett opens on a sleepy British town as lots of white balloons in the shape of a plus sign fall from the sky like snow. The balloons create a surreal but beautiful picture as they roll down rooftops, and cover pavements and roads. Before long the entire town is covered in a white blanket of balloons, delighting the town’s early risers. We see rows of Downton Abbey balloons popping out of chimneys as the voice of Ruth Wilson, BAFTA nominated actress for her role as Jane Eyre, explains that you can record an entire series of your favourite show at the push of a button.  Next we see two children playing with Doctor Who and Snowman balloons to demonstrate that you can pause and rewind live TV and watch one programme whilst recording another.

The TV campaign runs on ITV, C4 and UKTV and will be supported by radio spots on the Global Network, as well as VOD pre rolls on 4OD and the ITV Hub. Point of sale literature will be placed in retail stores across the country and digital sponsorship will feature on the Radio Times website and throughout the Christmas period. The campaign will extend to experiential activity in shopping centres around the country, providing consumers with the opportunity to try out the Freeview + features.

Guy continued: “This month is a key milestone for Freeview as we celebrate ten years in the industry. It is also the end of digital switchover which means everyone in the UK can now receive Freeview and Freeview HD channels. We have been a part of British Christmas since 2002 and each year we have been delighted to bring people their favourite TV programmes but without the worry of how much it’s going to cost each month. Freeview has grown to be one of the most loved brands in the UK, we are extremely proud of that and will continue to keep giving viewers what they want and deserve: free, quality TV in the format they choose.

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