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Freeview upgrades road to Freeview Play

Posted October 10, 2018 - News and Blog,Press Releases

Freeview brings the Free Love to Freedom Road

Residents of Freedom Road have been celebrating after receiving brand new Freeview Play TVs which could save them up to £400 a year[1]. To celebrate Freeview’s new TV ad campaign, “Join The Free Love Freeway”, Freeview decided to kit out the aptly named road with new sets, offering residents on the street a brand new Freeview Play TV.

The residents of Freedom Road are among the many viewers making the switch to the subscription free TV platform. Freeview has grown its viewer base faster than any other major TV platform since 2016, making it the most widely watched in the UK[2].

Research conducted by Freeview shows that over half of Brits (53%) are open to switching from a paid-for TV subscription service to a free option, letting them gain access to 95% of the nation’s most watched TV shows[3] without a monthly bill.

Resident Ben Drury of Freedom Road said: “I’ve been spending £65 per month on my TV service, but all of my favourite shows were available for free on Freeview Play. There was no reason not to switch, and it was so easy – I’m saving money and still getting to watch the shows I love. I just wish I’d realised sooner.”

John Craske, Freeview, said “We’re so confident in the programming, functionality and flexibility that Freeview Play offers we were prepared to put our money where our mouth is, giving a whole street the chance to upgrade to a Freeview Play TV. We wanted to make this a nationwide opportunity but our Finance Director just wouldn’t allow it”.

With Freeview Play, viewers can watch a massive variety of programmes with easy access to both live and on demand TV, and most devices have access to top up with streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. It has never been easier to become a Freeview Play viewer, with the service built into nearly all new TV models, and if you have an older TV – Freeview Play boxes start at £70.

[1] OnePoll survey data conducted online amount 2,000 respondents. Data taken from question, “On average, how much do you pay for your MAIN TV subscription service per month (in total)?”.

[2] BARB Establishment data


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