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Posted May 18, 2016 - Press Releases

Freeview launches Catch Up Hotline to chat about TV whatever and whenever you’re watching

  • New research reveals that we are a nation of TV lovers, with the average person spending 8.8 years in a lifetime watching shows
  • New research shows we don’t just love watching TV, but talking about it too with 66% saying TV is their favourite topic of conversation with friends and colleagues
  • With more people using catch up services like Freeview Play, Freeview has launched a Catch Up Hotline for viewers who don’t want to miss out on all the conversation around their favourite shows  

New research from Freeview, the UK’s biggest TV platform, has revealed just how much we all love TV, with the average Brits spending 8.8 years over the course of a lifetime watching their favourite shows and enjoying on-screen moments.

Additionally, the average Brit has at least five series that they’re keeping up with and tuning into– which is a whole lot of TV to be juggling.  The TV juggle is real and with busy work and social lives, it’s no surprise that most (86%) of us use catch up services to watch our favourite shows at a time that best suits us.

But, the only downside to watching your favourite shows via a catch up service such as Freeview Play is missing out on chatting with friends and colleagues about your favourite show and being left desperate to speak about the gripping, cliff-hanger storylines or trying to avoid spoilers from colleagues who have already seen the episode you’ve got lined-up for that evening’s viewing.

Freeview has come to the rescue by launching The Freeview Catch Up Hotline.

From Wednesday 18th May, viewers who have chosen not to watch their favourite shows live and are missing out on the fun of talking about them with friends and family, can do so by calling the hotline anytime on 08001337562.

When polled, 66% admitted TV as their favourite topic of conversation and the average Brit spends at least 15 minutes a day speaking with colleagues, friends and family about plot lines, TV characters and ‘watercooler’ moments. But we go out of our way to make sure we avoid spoilers if we haven’t watched our favourite shows live, with more than half of us not using social media to make sure we don’t accidentally find out what’s happened.

Freeview’s, Managing Director, Guy North commented, “Freeview Play allows viewers to enjoy their favourite programmes at a time that suits them. But with so many great shows out there at the moment we don’t want people not to be able to share their thoughts on their top TV just because they’re not watching it live. This dedicated hotline means they can chat at their leisure regardless of what episode they’re watching.”

Freeview’s catch up service, Freeview Play allows us to watch our favourite shows from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 at our own convenience and all without a monthly subscription. The Freeview Catch Up Hotline runs from 18th May – 24th May on 08001337562 and is free to call.

Honey Langcaster-James, a well-known Media Psychologist commented on the research results saying: “Watching TV has traditionally been considered to be an unsociable activity. However, this survey shows that TV remains an important part of our lives partly because it helps bond us together with friends and family. The research reveals that a large part of our enjoyment in watching TV is talking about it with others, but due to our busy lifestyles and the growing number of people living alone or working at odd times, this isn’t always possible. So Freeview has launched a Catch Up Hotline to encourage people to live their lives, yet ensuring that viewers still have someone to speak to at leisure when they want to chat about those big TV moments.”

Brits TV habits revealed

  • 51% of us avoid using social media to avoid spoilers if we haven’t watched a show live
  • More then half (58%) claim that lack of time and too much work are the main reasons why we miss our much-loved programmes
  • Brits spend on average 15 minutes a day discussing on screen moments and 36% admit TV is the most talked about topic in the office
  • 75% of us prefer to watch TV with friends and family rather than alone showing TV really is more social then we may think!
  • Those aged between 45-50 watch 32% more TV than the younger generations aged between 25-34
  • The most anticipated shows of 2016 included popular programmes such as X-Factor, Great British Bake Off and Peaky Blinders 

Notes To Editors

About Freeview

Launched in 2002, Freeview is the UK’s biggest TV service providing over 60 TV channels, up to 12 HD channels and over 25 radio stations. The service is delivered through the aerial and is subscription-free.

Freeview recently launched its new connected TV service, Freeview Play, which enables viewers to watch what they want, when they want, in a simple way. The service is free from subscription and works with all existing broadband services.

Freeview is managed by DTV Services Ltd, a company owned and run by its five shareholders: BBC, Sky, Channel 4, ITV and Arqiva.

Research was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Freeview. 1,000 were surveyed.

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