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Retune today for Bigger, Better Freeview

Posted August 2, 2017 - Press Releases

Freeview is today updating its TV guide to make way for new and exciting channel launches. As part of the update, the nation’s largest TV broadcaster is asking viewers to retune their devices to ensure they are receiving the refreshed channel line-up. The platform offers viewers 70 SD and 15 HD TV channels through an aerial with no subscription. As part of the update, some channels will move positions in the TV guide.

Some devices will retune automatically, for those that don’t, viewers are recommended to retune on the afternoon or evening of Wednesday 2nd August or any time thereafter. Retuning is straightforward and should only take a few minutes. Viewers requiring further information or assistance can call the Freeview Advice Line on 03456 505050. More information is available at

On-screen messages will appear on channels reminding viewers to retune from this date. Those who do not choose to retune will continue to receive access to the Freeview service but may be missing some recently launched channels. Following the updates, channels will be grouped in to the following genres:

General Entertainment 1-199 (HD Channels 101-139)
Children’s 201-229
News 231-249
Text 250-259
Streamed 260-299

Since 2015, 18 new channels from major networks have launched on Freeview including BLAZE from A+E Networks, and Discovery’s Quest Red.

Guy North, Managing Director, Freeview said “We’re preparing the nation for a bigger and better Freeview platform. We’ve welcomed many new additions to the channel line up in the past couple of years and today’s update ensures we have enough space for even more new and exciting launches. Most viewers should find retuning straightforward, but if any viewer requires assistance, our advice line will be happy to guide them through the process on 03456 505050.”

To coincide with the update, Freeview has updated its Channel Guide which will be available in selected retail stores from August or available to download here.


Full list of channel changes:

Channel name Old number New number Genre
CBS Action 64 39 General Entertainment
CBS Action +1 90 64 General Entertainment
The Store 39 74 General Entertainment
Quest Red +1 90 88 General Entertainment
Ketchup TV 96 211 Children’s
CBBC 120 201 Children’s
CBeebies 121 202 Children’s
CITV 122 203 Children’s
CBBC HD 123 204 Children’s
CBeebies HD 124 205 Children’s
POP 125 206 Children’s
Tiny Pop 126 207 Children’s
Kix 127 208 Children’s
POP +1 128 209 Children’s
Tiny Pop +1 129 210 Children’s
BBC NEWS 130 231 News
BBC Parliament 131 232 News
Sky News 132 233 News
RT 135 234 News
BBC Red Button 200 250 Text services
365 Travel 201 251 Text services
Kiss Me TV 207 252 Text services
Proud Dating 208 253 Text services
CCTV 226 260 Streamed
Racing UK 231 261 Streamed
CONNECT 4 234 262 Streamed
Sonlife 239 263 Streamed
VisionTV 244 264 Streamed
Planet Knowledge 245 265 Streamed
Huda TV 249 266 Streamed
Revelation TV 250 267 Streamed
Box Nation 255 268 Streamed
Arise News 257 269 Streamed
Loveworld 258 270 Streamed
Sports Channel Network 273 Streamed

Retuning Advice

To retune, viewers need to press ‘Menu’ on their remote control and follow the on-screen instructions or those printed in their device manual. What happens next may vary slightly depending on the device.

A typical sequence is:

Step 1
Press menu on the set-top box or TV remote control.

Step 2
Select Set-Up, Installation, Update or similar option. If you’re asked for a password the default code is 1234 or 0000.

Step 3
Now select the ‘First Time Installation’ option (sometimes called ‘Factory Reset’, ‘Full Retune’ or ‘Default Settings’). Press ‘OK’ if asked to delete existing channels. This will clear existing settings and find the new channel line-up. If prompted then save the channels that are found.

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