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Roger McGough Unveils Poem Capturing Britain’s Hopes and Dreams For Summer of Sport

Posted July 18, 2012 - Press Releases

Roger McGough Unveils Poem Capturing Britain’s Hopes and Dreams For Summer of Sport

  • World’s biggest ever ‘‘dreamcatcher’’ displayed to the public

Award-winning poet, Roger McGough today unveiled the world’s biggest ‘dreamcatcher’ at London’s Potters Fields Park to mark the release of ‘ Hopes and Dreams for the Big Day’. The uplifting poem, commissioned by Freeview and written by Roger McGough captures the nation’s anticipation and excitement for an unprecedented summer of sport.

To mark the most significant sporting period in British TV history, during which millions of people have gathered together to watch in high definition, Freeview asked people on Twitter and Facebook to share their hopes and dreams for our sporting men and women. Inspired by their comments, Roger McGough, who is often billed as ‘the people’s poet’, has created a rousing piece that captures the nation’s mood.

Set against the majestic backdrop of London’s eminent Tower Bridge, Roger marked the release of the poem by symbolically unveiling the world’s biggest-ever ‘dreamcatcher’, which measures three metres in diameter with a nine metre circumference. Sporting emblematic colours of red, white and blue, the ‘dreamcatcher’ and Roger’s poem will be on display all day for passers-by to view and enjoy.

Ilse Howling, Managing Director of Freeview said: “From the medals we’ll win and the astonishing human endeavour, to the near misses, the elation and the heartache, millions of us gather around the television to witness historic sporting moments on TV.  Furthermore, Freeview HD offers the best sporting action from this summer in high definition with no subscription.”

Share your hope and dreams on Twitter @FreeviewTV including #hopesanddreams.

Hopes and Dreams For The Big Day

(A poem by Roger McGough)

Nervous, but quietly confident

The poem is up at first light.

The big day, after years of dreaming

Has finally arrived. The end is in sight.

It runs, it jumps, it rides, it drives

It rows, it shoots, it collides, it dives

It kicks, it flicks, it cycles, it swerves

It lifts, it throws, it aims, it serves.

It scans, it puzzles, it echoes, it chimes

It struts, it performs, it sings, it rhymes

One more line and the verse is complete

The dreaming is over, now it’s time to compete.

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