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VCR Amnesty hits West Cumbria

Posted September 6, 2007 - Press Releases

Local residents invited to take part in recycling initiative ahead of switchover.

With digital switchover fast approaching, residents from Copeland have the chance to be one step ahead of the crowd by taking part in a unique VCR Amnesty at the Comet store in Workington at 10am, Saturday 15th September.

Freeview, the free-to-air digital TV service, has teamed up with Comet to offer 100 lucky customers the chance to recycle their old VCRs and take home a brand new Freeview Playback digital TV recorder, completely free of charge.

Those who don’t quite make the first 100, can still hand in their VCRs for recycling and pick up a Humax 9200TB digital TV recorder in-store with a 10% discount*. All VCRs that are handed in will be recycled using Workington based company, Home Appliances.

Ilse Howling, General Manager, Freeview said: “After Switchover, your video recorder will not work in the same way it used to, but Freeview Playback is a great recording solution for a digital age and offers other benefits such as pausing live TV and one-touch recording. On Saturday the first 100 customers will take home a brand new Freeview Playback digital TV recorder absolutely free.”

Ross Edwards, Digital Broadcasting Buyer at Comet says: “We know people still like to watch videos on their VCRs but for those who want to take advantage of the latest Digital TV Recorders on the market, this is a great way to recycle and update your old recording technology. We look forward to welcoming people into our Workington store and helping them to prepare for digital switchover.”

Robbie Dee, host of the breakfast show on CFM said: “It’s a fantastic initiative for local people to get involved in; I can’t wait to see what they do with all those VCRs! It’s a great way to get the kit you need before October 17th and do your bit for the environment as well.”

Why should I get involved in recycling?

  • Over 1.9 million analogue recorders were bought in the UK in 2006, including both VCRs and analogue DVD-Rs (Source: Digital UK/Ofcom)
  • Over 3.8 million homes are considering disposing of an analogue recorder at Switchover (Source: Digital UK/Ofcom)
  • 4% of people planning to dispose of an analogue recorder, would recycle it or return it to a retailer – the majority of recorders (59%) would throw it away (Source: Digital UK/Ofcom)
  • Only 2% of us know what the WEEE Directive is (Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment Directive (Source: Comet research June 2007)
  • Each year in the UK we go through over 1.2 million tonnes of electrical waste – the equivalent of 150 thousand double decker buses! (Source: )
  • 75% of waste electronics end up in landfill sites (Source:
  • Electrical goods are the fastest growing waste stream in the UK, growing by 5% each year (Source:

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