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Red Dwarf and Zapped Return to Dave

Posted October 11, 2017 - Blog Posts,News and Blog

Red Dwarf Season 12
Thursday 12 October at 9pm

Red Dwarf

29 years and 11 seasons since Red Dwarf’s first adventure, Red Dwarf returns to our screens for more legendary sci-fi comedy. Season 12 comprises the second batch of six episodes, out of the twelve that were filmed in early 2016.

Episode one sees the four space-explorers stumble upon a derelict scientific research station being used to cure evil itself. Waiting inside the research centre are four cryogenically frozen test subjects, all of whom have been successfully cured of evil. Post-operation patients are none other than Joseph Stalin, Vlad The Impaler and Adolf Hitler – sounds like an awful dinner party if you ask us…

Head over to Dave for more Red Dwarf related content as well as their top 10 facts you probably didn’t know about the show.


Zapped Season 2
Thursday 12 October at 9:40pm


James Buckley and Paul Kaye return for a supernatural second season of Zapped. The end of Season 1 saw Brian reaching a crossroads. Does he stay in Munty, the fantasy-land he’s been magically transported to? Or accept the fire sprite’s offering of a single wish and return home?

Season 2 sees a longer run of six episodes compared to the three episodes season 1 offered. Episode 1 opens with Brian behind bars. When Soothsayer Barbara comes to seemingly break Brian out, the only thing she’s armed with is a Victoria Sponge…

Head over to Dave for more Zapped related content.

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