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Mathew Horsman - Outside the box 2021 - Spring Edition

Mathew Horsman

Joint Managing Director, Mediatique

Mathew is one of the most respected analysts of the media sector with an incisive understanding of how finance, content and rights management interact.

He has worked across all areas of the industry, covering digital TV, commercial radio, independent television production, print and online media.

His firm authored a report for Ofcom published in late 2020 on future models for the delivery of public service broadcasting.

Mathew was formerly Head of Media Research at Investec Securities. Prior to joining Investec, Mathew was Media Editor of The Independent, following a career in financial journalism spanning 10 years on both sides of the Atlantic.

Mathew is a graduate of Harvard and the Sorbonne, and is the author of Sky High: the Inside Story of BSkyB.

Mathew Horsman, Joint Managing Director, Mediatique