Software download adds Demand 5 to Panasonic Freeview Play recorders

Posted January 20, 2016 - Service Updates

Demand 5 can now be added to the Freeview Play apps page on Panasonic Freeview Play recorders via a software download.  When you switch your recorder on you will get the following message:

New software version has been found.  The software will be updated automatically after this unit is switched to standby.  Do not disconnect the AC mains lead.

The software download will start automatically next time the recorder is switched off with the remote control and goes into standby.

When the recorder is next switched on (it may take a few minutes for the download to take place and install), you will see this message on screen:

Software successfully updated.  Current version: 1.12 
Press OK

Demand 5 can then be accessed from the Freeview Play apps page.

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