What is a Freeview HD Recorder?

Posted March 25, 2013 - Getting a Freeview HD Recorder

There are two choices when it comes to recording Freeview in HD. Our latest offering, Freeview Play Recorders, make it easy for you to record the TV you want, as well as allowing you to scroll back through your TV Guide to catch up on programmes you’ve missed. There are also other apps and services on Freeview Play.

Alternatively, a Freeview HD Recorder simply records programmes, and series to watch later. More than 60 Freeview digital channels and up to 15 HD channels are there for you to choose from and record.

With a Freeview HD Recorder and Freeview Play Recorder you record a show using the TV Guide, highlighting and then selecting the show you want to record. Choose to record a single programme or a whole series. With most recorders you can record one show while watching another. They also allow you to pause what you are watching or rewind live TV if you miss something.

You will need to buy a Freeview HD Recorder, but after that there’s no monthly subscription to pay and no contract to sign.

*The number of channels available is subject to digital TV coverage at your address.

Note: Freeview HD Recorders were previously known as Freeview Plus.

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