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How do I set up my Freeview Play TV or recorder?

Posted May 11, 2017 - Living with Freeview Play

To begin with, make sure your aerial is plugged in securely to the back of your Freeview Play TV or recorder.

If you don’t have an aerial you will need to speak to an aerial installer to get an aerial fitted.  In some cases you may find you can use an indoor aerial if there is a good signal in the room.

Diagram showing aerial connections

When you turn on your TV for the first time, you’ll be taken through a few instructions:

  • You might be prompted to choose your language or you may even be asked to choose between ‘Home’ or ‘Shop’ mode – select ‘Home’.
  • Set up an internet connection with your TV or recorder through Wi-Fi or a wired connection (Ethernet/LAN cable)*. Just make sure you know the name of your home network and password – this is usually found at the bottom of your modem.

Diagram showing location of name of home network and password on router

  • Patience may be needed. Adding a password with a remote can be tricky, but you only have to enter it once. To enter your password, check on screen for instructions.
  • If you’re having trouble connecting to the web, contact your broadband provider or check your connection speed and signal strength.
  • Often the television or recorder software needs updating; it’s best to do this if requested. It may take a little while but it is important you do not interrupt this process once started.
  • Select your country or region if required.
  • Next, your TV or recorder will scan for the available Freeview channels – this will take a few minutes. Usually it will find the strongest signal and therefore the best region for you. But if there’s an overlap between them, you can choose the best one for you.
  • The manufacturer may have some additional services you have to agree to, then you can start watching TV.

To start enjoying catch up go to the TV guide. For example, whilst you’re on BBC One, use the arrow keys to scroll to the left on the TV guide and you will see the catch up programmes available to you. Use the arrow keys to choose which programme you want to watch and then press ‘OK’. The programme will launch in the on demand player, all you have to do is press ‘OK’ on the ‘Play’ icon.

*A minimum broadband speed of 2Mbps is required to watch catch up and on demand services – this will count towards any monthly broadband data allowance. Only selected channels provide 7-day catch up.

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