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What is Freeview?

Posted March 25, 2013 - About Freeview

Launched in October 2002, the Freeview service provides over 70 free-to-air digital TV channels, up to 15 HD channels and 25 radio stations and interactive services through an aerial. Freeview is managed by DTV Services Ltd, a company owned and run by five shareholders РBBC, BSkyB, Channel 4, ITV and Arqiva.

Ofcom and the Government have granted licences for the different multiplexes (groups of channels) and the licence holders are responsible for deciding which channels are transmitted. The licences are held by the BBC, Arqiva, ITV, Channel 4 and SDN.

Write to Freeview at:

DTV Services Ltd
27 Mortimer Street

Freeview is marketed by DTV Services Limited.

Registered number: 4435179, registered in England & Wales at the above address.

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