Do I need to change transmitter?

Posted November 7, 2016 - Technical FAQs

In some areas it may be possible to receive a TV signal from more than one transmitter. Usually, you won’t need to change transmitter as your TV will tune to the one with the strongest signal.

If you have lost your regular channels or are not getting the regional TV service you expected, firstly, we recommend you retune your box.   Channels on Freeview can change from time to time – new channels are frequently added, a few removed and channel numbers can change.  This may restore the line-up you expect.

However, sometimes, if you are having problems with incorrect regional services or missing channels, you may want to try changing transmitter. You can check which transmitters serve your area, predicted signal strength, and the channels available on them by using the detailed view on the  Digital UK coverage checker.

The next step is to try a manual retune to input directly the information from the transmitter you prefer to use. If this doesn’t work, your aerial may need to be realigned, or possibly replaced.

Get in touch with either the Confederation of Aerial Industries (CAI) or Get Me Digital who can give you details of one or more members who operate in your area and guarantee their work:

Find an approved CAI installer at Get Me Viewing

Find a digital professional at 

A local installer will understand the circumstances and local geography in your area and suggest the best option for you.

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