Freeview – The nation’s favourite TV for free

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Freeview brings the nation’s favourite TV together in one place, for free.

Hello TV lovers, did you know there’s another way to get the shows you want? You don’t have to sign up for big, expensive packages. You can get 95% of the nation’s favourite TV with Freeview – all for free – and just top up with any extras you really want on the side.

Our new advert sets out to highlight Freeview’s range of great content by not just telling you about it… but showing you with a mash-up of great TV intros. It’s a love letter to our favourite shows – brought together, in harmony, by Freeview.

(For free, of course).

To mark the launch of our new advert we are giving one lucky person the chance to win an LG Freeview Play TV.

Enter the competition today for a chance to win!

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