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Join the Great Freeview Bake-a-long

Posted September 26, 2019 - Blog Posts,Uncategorized

There’s no denying that The Great British Bake Off has inspired the people of this great nation to dust off their aprons, practice their piping and, at all costs, avoid a soggy bottom.

And in celebration of the country’s favourite baking show, Freeview has selected five unforgettable recipes from GBBO, both past and present. Whether you’re whipping up a Showstopper while watching live via the Freeview app in the kitchen, or using the breaks to check up on your Technical as it bakes away in the oven, most of these recipes can be baked within the hour, leaving you with a Showstopper of your own just in time for when the Star Baker is announced.

At number one, we have Helena’s Wicked Witch Fingers.


A recipe from the current season of Great British Bake Off, this Signature Bake is perfect for some spooky baking in the run-up to Halloween. With the added bonus that they’re easy, fun to decorate and incorporate green food colouring, this recipe is sure to get the kids involved in some festive fun.

Our second recipe is a Technical bake. Rahul’s Chocolate-Dipped Orange Madeleines.

choco dipped

They’re a little trickier than the first recipe, so maybe give them a go on week two of your bake-a-long. The delicate French biscuit is filled with a tangy orange curd, and the sweetness is deliciously offset by the dark chocolate dipped finish. Top them off with a white chocolate drizzle and crushed hazelnuts and snack on them in the last ten minutes of the Bake Off, as this recipe takes only 50 minutes. Win, win!

Number three is another unforgettable Signature Bake from last year – Dan’s Black Forest Slice.

black forest slice

This recipe requires some skill to temper and pipe the chocolate decoration, and a steady hand and focused mind to place the cherry perfectly on top, so try not to time this at the moment when you’re anxiously awaiting to see who is sent home! The classic chocolate and cream cake is also given a millennial twist with a teaspoon of coffee added to the sponge mix, making it the perfect 3pm treat for work the following day ­­– and your co-workers will love you for it!

For our fourth recipe, we’ve picked a savoury delight in the form of Manon’s Chestnut & Mushroom tartlet.


We recommend getting these prepared and cooked whilst catching up on last week’s episode of Bake Off, which is easily accessed through on the All 4 app on your Freeview TV. 58 minutes later, it will be ready to enjoy, just in time for this week’s episode and dinner. With a lovely wholemeal crust and rich creamy filling, you’ll be shocked to know that they’re entirely dairy free! A cashew milk-and-flour combination offers a low-fat replacement for double cream, and coconut oil, with its multiple health benefits, replaces butter in the crust.

Finally, we couldn’t resist sneaking in Karen’s Showstopping Strawberry Fair Chocolate Cake – a fun challenge to accompany a Freeview-enabled Bake-Off binge.

choco and rasp

We’ve picked it for the classic chocolate and strawberry flavour combination, and think it’s the perfect way to show off and celebrate your now mastered baking skills! It’s enclosed within an impressive tempered-chocolate case and filled with a scrumptiously sweet strawberry jam that complements the rich chocolate sponge. It’s finished with layers of chocolate and strawberry ganache, and topped with chocolate-dipped strawberries for a luxurious touch.


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