What we offer

Freeview is the simple way to enjoy 60 digital TV channels and 25 radio stations through an aerial and it’s probably already built-in to your TV. You can also record your favourite shows with a Freeview plus recorder or watch up to 12 HD channels with Freeview HD. Find out which is product is right for you below.

To watch Freeview, there's no dish, no cables, you just need an aerial!

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What we offer

High definition TV for free

  • Up to 12 of the top channels in HD
  • Up to 5 times better picture quality
  • Built-in to TVs, recorders and boxes
  • Subscription free
What we offer

Pause, record, rewind

  • Record your favourite shows with a digital TV recorder
  • Record an entire series at the touch of a button
  • Pause live TV, or rewind if you miss something
  • Subscription free
What we offer

The nation’s favourite TV

  • 50 digital TV channels and 24 radio stations
  • Built-in to TVs or buy a box
  • Subscription free

How to get Freeview


All you need is a Freeview TV, box or recorder and an aerial in good condition. Freeview is built-in to most TVs, – including all new flat screen TVs, or get a receiver box from as little as £25 to get it on your old TV.

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Smart TV

Smart TVs let you access your favourite Catch-up and On Demand services like BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video and Now TV from your TV, instead of your PC.

Just connect to an internet connection and your TV becomes a portal to services like BBC iPlayer, YouTube Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video and Now TV, which give you access to back catalogues of lots of TV series and films.

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