On 26th September 2023, the Glasgow West Central relay transmitter will be moved to a new site to be known as Glasgow Glenfinnan Road. This is due to the upcoming demolition of the building where the relay transmitter is currently situated.

Coverage strength from the new location will be high and therefore most households are not expected to be affected.  However, the location of the new site will be 500m north-east of the existing site and some households may experience some loss of service.

What should I do if I lose service?

If you currently receive your signal from the Glasgow West Central relay transmitter and lose services on or after 26th September, you will need to retune your TV. This should restore viewing from either the new Glasgow Glenfinnan Road site or the Blackhill transmitter.

To find out more about retuning watch our handy retune videos.

Watch our retune videos

Should an automatic retune not restore your viewing, please try to retune manually. You can find out how to on our “How to do a manual retune” FAQ page.

How to do a manual retune