From 22 June 2020 changes are being made to the way some channels are currently broadcast.

Following a decision by Ofcom to make more bandwidth available for mobile data, and after discussions with channels impacted, the transmitter operator Arqiva has chosen to stop transmitting services on some specific airwaves.

Unfortunately, this means some +1 and HD TV services will be closing. Given the nature of these channels, Freeview viewers won’t lose access to any specific content, and can continue watching main channels and access HD content via on demand services such as All4 and My5 via Freeview Play.

On 22 June you will need to retune to update your TV to keep your TV Guide up to date. To find out more about retuning watch our handy retune videos.

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What's changing?  

The following channels will be making changes to the way they are broadcast on 22nd June 2020.  You will need to retune your TV to continue watching these channels.  

Channel name Channel number
Shopping Quarter 74
BBC Four HD 106
CBeebies HD 205
QVC HD 111
QVC Beauty 112
Quest HD 114
FreeSports 64
NOW 80’s 83
PBS America + 1 93
Forces TV 96
Together+1 89
CBS Drama moving channel from 71 to 67

The above services will be available temporarily from channel 780 onward until 25 June 2020 except for CBeebies HD which will be available temporarily from the Kids genre section of Freeview, also until 25 June 2020.

The following channels will cease broadcasting from Monday 22 June 2020:

Channel name Channel number
Channel 4+1 HD 109
4Seven HD 110
TJC HD 115
5Star+1 55
5USA+1 56
CBS Reality+1 67
CBS Justice+1 69

You can continue to watch content from the above channels on alternative channels already available on Freeview:

Channel name Channel number
Channel 4 HD 104
Channel 4 +1 15
4Seven 47
TJC 49
5Star 30
5USA 21
CBS Reality 66
CBS Justice 39

To find out more about what channels are available to you, or check the status of Freeview in your area, visit our Help section and enter details of where you live.

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You can also view your favourite programmes on an internet-connected TV via Freeview Play, on our mobile app on iOS and Android devices and from our website via the TV Guide.