On 23rd November the recently upgraded mast at Eston Nab in Ormesby received a boost in power resulting in improved signal for viewers in Teesside and parts of Hartlepool

If you are in these areas, you will need to retune your TV. Find out how via our our retune guides.

Following this latest piece of engineering work, alongside the new temporary 80 metre mast close to the Bilsdale site, Arqiva has now restored some signal to over 97% of the homes affected by the fire.

On 13th October Arqiva successfully switched on the new 80 metre temporary mast close to the Bilsdale site. The new mast brought back signal to thousands of homes across the region.

What if my expected channels do not come back when I retune?

Any viewer affected should contact Arqiva's Freephone line on 0800 121 4828 or visit www.bilsdalemast.co.uk.

Who can get further help?

Viewers who can’t get their TV services back through a retune, will get their details recorded and called back by the Arqiva Project Restore Home Support team. This team will arrange further help which could result in aerial work being done or Freesat being installed.

Those who qualify for further help through the Project Restore Home Support team must meet the following conditions:

  • Cannot watch BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 (in standard definition) on their main TV set - whether this is through the aerial or through a connected SMART TV
  • Do not have TV from Sky, Virgin, or FreeSat on their main TV set
  • Live in the affected area
  • Have not claimed a £50 Currys voucher that Arqiva have mailed to those households in not-spots.

Specific groups of affected people are being prioritised for engineer visits to do this work. The specific groups being prioritised are those over 65, the clinically vulnerable and other vulnerable people with carers. People in these groups should receive a callback from the Project Restore Home Support team within 5 days. People in non-priority groups will get a callback as soon as possible.

In addition, people living in so-called 'not-spot' areas and receiving only a poor or no TV signal should have received a letter detailing how to claim a £50 Currys voucher. These letters contain details of how to claim the voucher and details of the scheme. All eligible households should have received a letter by 28 October.  For more advice on what to buy with your voucher, viewers can have a live video chat with Currys experts via ShopLive or go into any Currys store.

For more information on getting help and the voucher scheme go to www.bilsdalemast.co.uk.

Bilsdale Mast website

Who do I speak to if I have enquiries about my TV licence?

All questions relating to the Licence Fee should be directed to Television Licensing. They can be contacted via their website: TVlicensing.co.uk/transmitter

Why could I get TV before but cannot now?

Broadcast signals are reliant on line-of-sight between the transmitter and your aerial - this is why transmitters such as the one at Bilsdale need to be so tall, and why they are located where they are - to reach as many homes as possible.

The new temporary transmitter at Bilsdale has restored viewing to many households but it is around a quarter of the height of the fire-damaged mast. This means that despite it broadcasting a signal to almost all homes that the fire-damaged transmitter did beforehand, the signal might not be strong enough to be received through some existing aerials. This means that some households might not be able to receive a signal.

Some viewers who received a signal from a temporary relay may find that they have lost channels despite the new mast being switched on. This is because of reduction in power to the relays to avoid interference with the signal from the new mast. If this is the case for you, please retune your TV. Find out how to via our retune guides.

If a retune does not restore your signal, please visit Arqiva’s Project Restore website at Bilsdalemast.co.uk where you can log your details.

What channels should I get?

As well as turning on the temporary transmitter at Bilsdale, Eston Nab and Arncliffe Wood will be retained as relays to supplement coverage. The channels you get will depend on which transmitter is available to you.

Additional relays at Loftus and Thirsk should also restore signal to many viewers in those areas.

Details of which multiplexes (groups of channels) will be broadcast from each transmitter are shown below. You can find which channels these multiplexes correspond to in our guide by filtering on which multiplex (Mux) you wish to view.

  • Bilsdale Temporary mast now broadcasting BBCA, BBCB, D3&4, SDN, ARQA, ARQB, and COM7 multiplexes.
  • Eston Nab now broadcasting BBCA, BBCB, D3&4, SDN, ARQA, ARQB, COM7, and Local TV multiplexes.
  • Arncliffe Wood now broadcasting BBCA, BBCB, and D3&4 multiplexes.
  • Sutton Bank won’t be turned back on as the temporary mast at Bilsdale covers the area it served.
  • Guisborough and Romaldkirk relays are also restored
  • Loftus and Thirsk will broadcast BBC A, BBC B and D3&4
  • All other Bilsdale relays will be unaffected by this work and remain on throughout.

Watching live and on-demand TV through the internet

You can continue to watch Freeview on-demand and BBC channels live on Freeview Play TVs, or one that has channel players such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4 or My5.

Alternatively, you can watch Freeview via our mobile app which is available to download for free from your app store or on a web browser via our online TV guide.

See more on these options in our article on How to watch Freeview online.

Technical information on the transmitters at Bilsdale Temporary Mast, Eston Nab, Arncliffe Wood and reconfigured relays

Aerial installers and those who wish to do manual retunes can find information on the frequencies used in our channel information for Bilsdale Temporary Mast, Eston Nab, Arncliffe Wood, and relays FAQ.

Technical information FAQ