On 1 February 2021 some channels will be making updates, including changes to their names and channel numbers. 

You will need to retune to update your TV and keep your channels and TV Guide up to date.   

To find out more about retuning watch our handy retune videos

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Name changes

Type of change Current Channel name New channel name Channel
Name Change CCXTV Drama +1 73

Channel number changes

Type of change Channel Name Current,Channel, New Channel,
Channel Change Now 70s 78 75
Channel Change Now 80s 83 76
Channel Change Now 90s 84 78
Channel Change Clubland TV 82 79
Channel Change Together TV 87 82
Channel Change Together TV +1 88 83
Channel Change PBS America 91 84
Channel Change PBS America +1 93 87
Channel Change Country Music Entertainment 98 88