Your most likely transmitter is in the region.

This page provides detailed coverage information for manually retuning your TV.

This detailed view provides comprehensive details of television reception options for an address or postcode based on the nearest prediction point to the address or postcode centroid.

The DTT predictions are those which are being used to plan the DTT network, and assume a representative receiving system in good condition.

Predictions can vary significantly over a short distance due to the effects of terrain and interference, so they should be treated as a guide to the likely situation on the ground.

Coverage in your area

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Digital transmitters

Digital transmitters

Information relating to the digital transmitters which are, or are likely to be, receivable at the search address:

  • The 'most likely' transmitter to be in use. This will be the same as the 'most likely' analogue transmitter, providing that transmitter provides coverage after switchover.
  • The distance to and bearing of the transmitter from the address.
  • The digital aerial group and polarisation a) now b) after future DTT network changes, if applicable
Name Reception Summary Region Parent Transmitter Grid Reference Distance (km) Bearing° Aerial Group Now Aerial Group After

This is a predictive coverage database that shows the most likely TV service availability at your address and whether you could be affected by faults or planned engineering works. Note that digital terrestrial television (Freeview) coverage may vary as a result of engineering works or any frequency changes authorised by Ofcom. Always check your reception prediction before buying TV equipment. Digital UK is not responsible for household TV reception arrangements, and cannot provide compensation for coverage variations, reception issues or TV equipment purchased.

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