Local TV

Local TV services now available on Freeview

These local TV stations are now live on channel 7 or 8 depending on your location.

Channel 7

Bay TV Liverpool – Liverpool and surrounding areas

Big Centre TV – serving the Birmingham area

Estuary TV – available in Grimsby, north Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire

Latest TV – Brighton, Hove, Shoreham and Worthing

Made in Bristol – in the Bristol area

Made in Leeds – in the Leeds area

Made in Teesside  – in Middleborough

Made in Tyne and Wear – in the greater Tyne and Wear area

Mustard – in the greater Norwich area

Notts TV – in the Nottingham area

NVTV – in the Belfast area

Sheffield Live! – in the Sheffield area

That’s Cambridge  in the Cambridge area

That’s Lancashire – Blackpool, Preston and surrounding areas

That’s Manchester – Manchester and surrounding areas

That’s Oxfordshire – Oxford and surrounding areas

That’s Solent – Southampton and surrounding areas

Channel 8

Bay TV Swansea  – in the Swansea area

London Live – in the Greater London area

Made in Cardiff – in the Cardiff area

STV2 – serving Aberdeen, Dundee, Ayr, Edinburgh and Glasgow