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BBC Launches Additional Services for Olympics Coverage

Posted July 25, 2016 - Service Updates

The BBC are launching additional Red Button services in advance of the 2016 Olympic coverage. Re-tune on Wednesday afternoon to get new red button services. Read our blog for more info on how best to watch.

Changes began on Monday 25 July, and finished on Wednesday 27 July in the afternoon. Most Freeview HD equipment will have notified you of the updates, but we recommend re-tuning any older equipment. See our guide for more information on how to do this.

Some HD services will be moved temporarily to accommodate these extra channels.

The Changes

During the Olympics, Freeview viewers using standard definition will get two part-time Red Button services: BBC RB 0 (from 7pm), and BBC RB 1, (from 9pm).


Channel Broadcast Times Channel Number
BBC RB 0 From 7pm 600
BBC RB 1 From 9pm 601


BBC RB 1 will broadcast less than usual to make room for CBBC and BBC Four.

Freeview HD/Freeview Play viewers will get eight streams in standard definition, plus the BBC’s dedicated Olympics HD channel.

Channel Broadcast Times Channel Number
BBC RB 0 From 7pm 600
BBC RB 1 From 9pm, and 24-hour service 601 or 608 for 24-hour service
BBC RB 2 24-hour service 602
BBC RB 3 24-hour service 603
BBC RB 4 24-hour service 604
BBC RB 5 24-hour service 605
BBC RB 6 24-hour service 606
BBC RB 7 24-hour service 607
BBC Olympics HD From 7pm 114


The Channel Moves

CBBC HD and CBeebies HD  will have reduced capacity during the Olympic period to make room for BBC Four HD’s extended coverage of the Olympics. BBC Four HD will start broadcasting at 1:00pm during the Olympics, and be available to more viewers.

Some viewers may lose CBBC HD until the 23rd of August when normal service will resume. If you are among the viewers who will continue to receive CBBC HD over the Olympics it will move to channel number 97 on Freeview.

For unavoidable technical reasons, any series links you may have in place on the three above channels will be lost. Viewers should reset recordings to the standard definition versions of the channels so no programmes are missed.

More Olympics Coverage on Red Button+

The BBC are also offering 24 live HD streams, which are accessible via Freeview Play and smart TVs that are connected to the internet. Just press the Red Button to access the services below:

  • 24 Live HD streams
  • Highlights and replays
  • Intuitive Live/Coming up/Catch up breakdowns
  • Additional text & commentary and audience interaction
  • Olympics playlist

NB: As always, channel line-up will depend on coverage at your address. Use our coverage checker to see exactly what you will receive. 


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