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My digital box or TV has stopped working. How do I reboot it?

Posted March 25, 2013 - Further support

Sometimes the electronic equipment in your digital box might suffer from a data error. You might find that the channel or picture has ‘frozen’, your remote control might not work or function lights do not come on.

Often these problems can be fixed by simply resetting your equipment. To do this, switch off the power to your digital box and/or your TV at the wall and leave it for about 5 minutes. When you turn the power back on the box or TV will reboot its software. This will usually fix the problem.

If you are still having problems, you could try doing a full reboot and retune.

On this page we can guide you through a procedure for rebooting which will work for most equipment, but the exact process may be different for your digital box and TV. If in doubt, consult your user manual or contact your manufacturer.

How to reboot your digital box or TV
● Disconnect your appliance’s aerial for a few minutes.
● Go to the menu and select ‘retune’ or ‘rescan’. The box or TV will warn that you will lose existing channels; this is what you want to do, as with the aerial disconnected it will not find any new ones to store and will effectively clear its memory. (Retune can take several minutes.)
● Switch off the appliance’s power source at the wall for about 5 minutes.
● Reconnect the aerial lead before turning the power back on.
● Once your appliance has restarted, go to the menu again and select ‘retune’ or ‘rescan’ again.
● Once the box has finished retuning, you should check to see it is functioning normally once more and if it has the full range of channels it had before.

If your equipment is still not functioning properly, you should contact the manufacturer’s helpline for further advice.

If the problem was that you were not finding the full range of channels you had before, we recommend you have your aerial and cabling checked. It is possible your aerial has become damaged or corroded or been moved out of position slightly.

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