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Thursday, August 16th 2018

  1. 11:45pm

    NYPD: Biggest Gang in New York?

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    Documentary which examines the issue of police brutality in America by focusing on the largest force in the USA - the NYPD. The programme follows the 'cop watchers', people who chase the police in a cat-and-mouse game to film arrests and expose possible brutality. The programme also meets whistleblowing NYPD officers who allege systemic racism in the department. Filmed over three months by award-winning film-maker Ben Steele, this film offers an alternative perspective on New York's finest.

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    Weather for the Week Ahead


    Detailed weather forecast.

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    BBC News


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  5. 9:15am

    Animal Park Summer Special


    Episode 9

    The keepers seek out their animals' most wild side. The carnivore crew call on teams from across the park to help come up with an invention to challenge the intelligence of their lions. But will their creation get the lions working together as a team, or has Caleb overestimated the capability of his big cats? Keeper Matt is still playing parent to the cheetah cub, but can he teach her the vital skills she needs to become earth's fastest predator? Meanwhile, Jean Johansson meets the park's most infamous escape artist and sets some pretty cute predators an underwater brainteaser.

  6. 10:00am

    Homes under the Hammer

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    Episode 25

    Developers tackle three ambitious auction properties, all of which need a lot of renovation work. Martel Maxwell visits a house in Guildford, Martin Roberts falls in love with a Grade II-listed house in Torquay in Devon, and Dion Dublin is in Barry in Wales to assess the work required on a mid-terrace house.

  7. 11:00am

    Fake Britain


    Episode 5

    Matt Allwright investigates the conmen who are trying to get their hands on your money by using fakes, forgeries and frauds and shows you how to avoid being taken for a ride. Police crack open a counterfeit champagne case where the fakers are making a killing. The team find one of the most sophisticated fake £2 coins ever seen from the one place you'd never expect - a high street bank. Plus the fake chairs putting child safety at risk and the fake carbon monoxide detectors that could cost you your life.

  8. 11:45am

    Thief Trackers


    Episode 4

    Factual series discovering what becomes of everyday possessions like bicycles and laptops when they are stolen. The thief trackers highlight the dangers of bogus-caller crime, finding out how easy it is to con your way into someone's home and steal from them. They also hear how a biker helped track down motorbike thieves caught on camera and how boat engine burglars were caught red-handed thanks to tracking technology.

  9. 12:15pm

    Bargain Hunt

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    Series 47 Episode 27: York and Wetherby

    Eric Knowles leads proceedings from Wetherby Racecourse, where experts Nick Hall and Jonathan Pratt help the reds and blues spend up to £300 on three items which hopefully will make a profit at the auction in Darlington. Eric also takes some time away from the fair to visit to world's oldest sweet shop.

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    BBC News at One


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    BBC London News


    The latest news, sport and weather from London.

  12. 1:45pm

    Red Rock

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    Episode 23

    Soap opera based around a busy Dublin Garda station. Dunne needs to damage Aoife's credibility. Can Patricia stomach an illicit solution for her faulty flats? Bridget is bothered in her own home.

  13. 2:30pm

    Escape to the Country

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    Series 17 (60 Minute Versions Episode 12: North Wales

    Jules Hudson is in north Wales helping a pair of returning expats find their ideal country home for a budget of £350,000. While in the region, Jules heads out with a local fisherman to gather wild mussels using an ancient method that has been used on Wales's northern coast for 200 years.

  14. 3:30pm

    Royal Recipes

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    Series 2 Episode 4: Pies and Puddings

    Michael Buerk presents a royal-themed food programme, celebrating dishes served from the time of George IV to the reign of Elizabeth II. In this edition, Michael and chef Anna Haugh knock up a fastidious queen's favourite pie. Historian Dr Polly Russell goes to Gloucester to trace the history of an ancient royal delicacy, and chef Cyrus Todiwala puts a royal twist on a classic British pudding.

  15. 4:15pm

    Flog It!


    Series 12 Reversions Episode 20: Sheffield

    The antiques series is in Sheffield, where Paul Martin is joined by experts Thomas Plant and James Lewis as they search for interesting and valuable items to take to auction. Among their finds are a tortoiseshell locket, a Georgian tankard and an electrotherapy kit. Paul meets two Sheffield women who were recently awarded honours for keeping the steel mills running during the Second World War, and he also tells the fascinating story of Victorian art critic John Ruskin's influence on the city.

  16. 5:15pm



    Episode 14

    Game show in which 24 players compete across the series, scoring points by answering questions correctly. However, they must avoid the impossible answers, otherwise they will be eliminated from the show until the next day. In each episode there are three rounds, and the three highest scorers from each round play against each other in the final. The winner of this battle faces a £10,000 question.

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    BBC News at Six


    The latest national and international news stories from the BBC News team, followed by weather.

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    BBC London News


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  19. 7:00pm

    The ONE Show


    Tom Daley and singer-songwriter Gabrielle join Matt Baker and Angellica Bell on the sofa, as Tom talks about becoming a father for the first time and Gabrielle discusses her return to music after an 11-year break.

  20. 7:30pm


    [SUB] [AD]

    Episode 5760

    Phil lectures Dennis about his behaviour. Rainie makes an admission to Max, leaving him stunned. Hayley's attention turns to someone unexpected.

  21. 8:00pm

    DIY SOS: The Big Build

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    Series 27 Episode 9: Bidford-on-Avon

    Nick Knowles, Laurence Llewelyn Bowen and hundreds of volunteers renovate a family home that has become like a prison to one young family member. When Chloe was 18 years old, doctors diagnosed her with mastocytosis, a rare genetic disorder that leaves her needing constant access to oxygen, feeding through a tube in her chest and prone to seizures that cause her joints to dislocate and stop her breathing. Two years on, the tired design of the house means her future in the family home is not guaranteed, so the team redesign the entire house to provide Chloe with independence in her own self-contained apartment.

  22. 9:00pm

    Keeping Faith

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    Episode 6

    Mystery drama. Faith is interrogated when Evan's car is found abandoned at the docks. When Steve attempts to help, he too finds himself caught in the police's firing line. Meanwhile, an increasingly conflicted Tom uncovers terrible secrets about his son, Bethan's erratic behaviour puts a strain on her marriage to Terry, Faith prepares to do a secret deal with Dr Alpay, and DI Williams resorts to desperate tactics to break Faith.

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    BBC News at Ten


    The latest national and international news, with reports from BBC correspondents worldwide.

  24. 10:30pm

    BBC London News


    The latest news, sport and weather from London.

  25. 10:45pm

    New Tricks

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    Series 10 Episode 5: Cry Me a River

    Brian Lane has been replaced by new recruit Dan Griffin, as the police drama series about an unsolved crimes unit continues. The team investigate the unsolved murder of 80s Soho character and pornographer Jim Hockney after his daughter Sara arrives with DNA proof that Jim was not her father. With Sara's mother Jane unable or unwilling to help, the team track down jazz singer Angela Gold, Jim's girlfriend at the time, who was tried and acquitted of his murder. After Sandra unearths a few family secrets, it becomes apparent that Jim Hockney's life was more complicated and colourful than they had realised.

  26. 11:45pm

    Miriam's Big American Adventure

    [SUB] [AD]

    Episode 1

    Miriam Margolyes embarks on an epic road trip through middle America, heading almost a thousand miles from Chicago to New Orleans to meet the people whose voices and votes are reshaping the nation. She is introduced to ex-Playboy bunny Candace Jordan, who is now a leading socialite in the city. Candace persuades Miriam to have a beauty salon makeover and wardrobe revamp before heading to a glittering event. But Miriam wants to see the other side of this city of divided fortunes and travels to Chicago's troubled south side. She meets ex-gang member and former drug dealer SP, who can't leave his block for fear of rival gang shootings. Next, Miriam hangs out with rapping brothers J-Mac and Tray Tray in Merrill Park - dubbed 'Murder Park' by the regulars due to a spate of gang-related killings. Miriam also wants to understand why people from other countries still want to become Americans, and she meets Jose, who left his village in the Congo and is now one of America's newest citizens.