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Thursday, August 17th 2017

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    Britain's Relationship Secrets with Anne Robinson

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    Documentary in which Anne Robinson asks what the secret is to a happy relationship. Journeying around the UK, Anne meets couples from very different backgrounds, all of whom think they have the answer. Entering the couples' homes, Anne finds out their different relationship secrets. How have middle-aged Janet and Malcolm survived an affair? What happens if you don't want to just sleep with your spouse? To answer this, Anne meets a polyamorous group in Leeds. She also finds out whether marrying the lord of the manor is all it is cracked up to be and whether agreeing to an arranged marriage can hold the key to long-term happiness. Anne also gets two couples to delve into each other's relationships to see what they can learn. Whitney and Megan are soulmates who can't bear to be apart - they even go to the loo together. David and Claire don't even live together and believe it keeps their marriage fresh. What will they make of each other's relationships?

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    Weather for the Week Ahead


    Detailed weather forecast.

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    BBC News


    BBC One joins the BBC's rolling news channel for a night of news, with bulletins on the hour and the headlines every 15 minutes.

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    The latest news, sport, business and weather from the BBC's Breakfast team.

  5. 9:15am

    Wanted Down Under


    Series 10 Episode 9: Restarick Family

    Series in which families face the biggest decision of their lives. After spending a trial week living in Australia or New Zealand - examining property, jobs and the lifestyle - will they choose to make the move to the other side of the world for good? Since a holiday in Australia in his twenties, Richard Restarick had been keen to make a permanent return to the country. But plans to emigrate were put on hold ten years ago when he met the love of his life, Nieva, online. Nieva left her home country of the Philippines behind to join Richard in the UK. Tough times running a business has seen Richard's thoughts turn to emigrating down under once more. Nieva has no interest in upping sticks and starting all over again in a new country for a second time. Will a trial week in Adelaide see Richard convince his wife and daughter that Australia is where their future lies? And will the country Richard remembers be as promising 15 years on?

  6. 10:00am

    Homes under the Hammer

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    Episode 12

    Property renovation series. Dion Dublin has a hair-raising experience at a barber's in Rochdale, Lancashire, while Martin Roberts looks round a great bungalow in Alsager, Cheshire, and Lucy Alexander sees all the potential in a piece of land in Eccles in Kent. All three projects started out as auction buys, but not everything goes according to plan in the redevelopments, so will everyone end up smiling?

  7. 11:00am

    Heir Hunters

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    Episode 14

    Series following the work of probate researchers as they search for heirs of people who have died without a will. A new lead opens up on a case that has been unsolved for 24 years, but will it be the clue the heir hunters have been waiting for? Meanwhile, the search for heirs of a Romford lady reveals a link to the story that inspired the film Made in Dagenham. Plus details of two unclaimed estates where heirs still need to be found.

  8. 11:45am

    Close Calls: On Camera

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    Episode 7

    Alex Jones presents stories of people who have been on the brink of disaster and lived to tell the tale, all captured in recordings from the time. A passerby comes to the rescue when an elderly couple are caught up in a car fire in the Lakes, while a helicopter stunt goes horribly wrong at a display.

  9. 12:15pm

    Bargain Hunt

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    Series 44 Episode 19: Lewes

    Anita Manning presents from Lewes in East Sussex, with experts Philip Serrell and Nick Hall. There are plenty of potential purchases on Lewes high street, but will they make a profit at auction? Anita takes time out to chat about something rather fishy.

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    BBC News at One


    The latest national and international news stories from the BBC News team, followed by weather.

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    BBC London News


    The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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    Red Rock

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    Episode 24

    Soap opera based around a busy Dublin Garda station. Resentments are resurrected by a Hennessy homecoming. A crisis of conscience splits a fragile family. Angela is again on the defensive.

  13. 2:30pm



    Episode 4

    Game show in which 30 players compete across the series, scoring points by answering questions correctly. However, they must avoid the impossible answers, otherwise they will be eliminated from the show until the next day. In each episode there are three rounds, and the three highest scorers from each round play against each other in the final. The winner of this battle faces a £10,000 question.

  14. 3:15pm

    Escape to the Country

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    Series 16 (60 minute versions Episode 7: South Devon

    Property show where people search for their dream house in the country. Ginny Buckley helps a couple with a healthy £800,000 budget find a perfect country house in Devon with enough accommodation for visiting family. Ginny also meets an architectural sculptor who, from his rural studio, creates ornamental plasterwork which graces some of Britain's most famous historic buildings.

  15. 4:15pm

    Flog It!


    Series 14 Reversions Episode 4: Highcliffe Castle

    Flog it! comes from Highcliffe Castle in Dorset, which is built from the ruins of several French great houses. Christina Trevanion and Adam Partridge pick out some gems to take to auction, among them an art deco diamond watch and a Newlyn copper teapot. Other finds include some Isle of Wight glass and postcards by 20th-century manufacturer Tucks. Presenter Paul Martin explores the incredible salvage store in the castle and hears the extraordinary story of a wheeler-dealer Victorian collector in Bournemouth.

  16. 5:15pm



    Episode 18

    Quiz in which contestants try to score as few points as possible by plumbing the depths of their general knowledge to come up with the answers no-one else can think of. Presented by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman.

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    BBC News at Six


    The latest national and international news stories from the BBC News team, followed by weather.

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    BBC London News


    The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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    The ONE Show


    If it's got Britain talking then it will get talked about on The One Show. Presented by Matt Baker and Alex Jones.

  20. 7:30pm


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    Episode 5547

    Jay attempts to fix things for Ben but gets more than he bargained for. Steven struggles with Max's demands forcing him to reconsider his plan. The Taylors' financial woes grow.

  21. 8:00pm

    Who Do You Think You Are?

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    Series 14 Episode 6: Lulu

    Pop star Lulu travels home to Scotland in her quest to get to the bottom of a family mystery, as the celebrity genealogy series continues. Lulu's mum, the middle child of seven, was the only one to be given up by her birth parents and raised by another family, but she has no idea why. In Glasgow, Lulu uncovers the real-life story of her Catholic grandfather and Protestant grandmother's love affair across the city's strict sectarian divide. Digging deeper, she discovers some dark secrets about her grandfather's past which force her to reassess what she thought she knew about her mum's story.

  22. 9:00pm

    DIY SOS: The Big Build

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    Series 26 Episode 6: Epsom

    Home renovation series. Paramedics Sam and Ben Laws spend their days helping people. With two children to look after, one with special needs, they work opposite shifts, often not seeing each other for days on end. While they have done everything they can as a family to make life better, the challenges of living in a totally inadequate home have been overwhelming. Reluctant to ask for help, they had to be nominated by a close friend for Nick, the boys and designer Oliver Heath to transform their house from the prison it has become into a stunning home that could offer five-year-old Ewan the best hope for the future.

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    BBC News at Ten


    The latest national and international news, with reports from BBC correspondents worldwide.

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    BBC London News


    The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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    Don't Deport Me, I'm British

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    Documentary telling the stories of three young men who arrived in Britain as children, grew up here and consider themselves British. As they turned 18 their lives were thrown into turmoil when the British government ordered them to go back to their countries of birth. Bashir is facing deportation to Afghanistan. He fled aged nine after seeing his father shot by the Taliban. He has lost all contact with his family and is petrified of returning. Francois was deported to Jamaica in March, where he hasn't been since he was seven. He is struggling to cope with his new family life and the violence on Jamaica's streets. Do the crimes he in committed in Britain justify separating him from his four-year-old son? Bok was sent back to Bangladesh in 2015 as he was finishing his A-levels after seven years living in Eastbourne. But has he told the full truth about why his family sent him to the UK as a child? And if not, was it fair to deport him?

  26. 11:40pm

    Queer Britain

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    Series 1 Episode 5: Porn Idols

    YouTuber and journalist Riyadh Khalaf gets under the skin of queer culture and shines a light on the challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community. Here, Riyadh heads into the world of queer porn to meet the producers and performers bringing different sexuality and identities to the screen. From the set of a gay 'chav porn' shoot to a trans female webcam show, Riyadh explores the relationship between titillation, masturbation, education and validation.