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BBC One London

Wednesday, October 23rd 2019

  1. 11:35pm

    Stupid Man, Smart Phone


    Series 1 Episode 5: Poland

    Joining Russell Kane is rock 'n' roll heartthrob and internet star TheMazziMaz. The useless pair are chased across Poland by scary-looking guards with dogs. Our hapless heroes are convinced that even though they have no evasion or tracking skills or any ability to speak a word in Polish, they can evade capture by using just their mobile phones. But can their phone help them hotwire a motorbike or drive a military tank? They quickly need to learn how to camouflage themselves to avoid getting chewed up by the guard's dogs. But perhaps their biggest challenge comes in the shape of having to make a choice between starving to death or skinning a rabbit the size of a domestic cat.

  2. 12:25am

    Weather for the Week Ahead

    Description not available

  3. 12:30am

    BBC News

    Description not available

  4. 6:00am


    Description not available

  5. 9:15am

    Rip Off Britain

    Episode 17

    Gloria Hunniford, Angela Rippon and Julia Somerville expose the latest scams targeting people who can least afford to lose their cash, including the country's fastest-growing financial fraud and a scam that sees desperate jobseekers offered a bogus opportunity that could leave them thousands of pounds out of pocket. Plus how a pensioner who had been tricked into handing over her cash has turned the tables on the fraudsters to become a secret weapon in the war against scammers.

  6. 10:00am

    Homes under the Hammer


    Episode 22

    Dion Dublin visits a property in Manchester and has some motorised fun with a toy car at a house in Liverpool. Plus the team revisit a London project Lucy Alexander first saw three years previously. It didn't have a roof back then, but it's been worth waiting for the finish.

  7. 11:00am

    Claimed and Shamed

    Episode 8

    Information embedded in digital photos of items stolen in an audacious robbery reveals that things aren't quite as the claimant would have his insurers believe, while a careless cyclist is left reeling after a bust up with a bus. One claimant tries to run rings around their insurer with a claim for lost jewellery, undercover filming reveals one man's injuries aren't as debilitating as he's claiming, and in the USA a murder case leads to the discovery of a love triangle and a sickening plot for an insurance pay out.

  8. 11:45am

    Caught Red Handed


    Episode 8

    Today, when money mysteriously goes missing from a performing arts school, staff and pupils start to suspect each other. And a TV journalist investigates a crime story very close to home when he suspects a carer is stealing from his own mother.

  9. 12:15pm

    Bargain Hunt


    Series 47 Episode 11: Lincoln

    Charlie Ross presents from the Lincolnshire Antiques and Home show. Raj Bisram and Kate Bliss assist two sets of friends competing to buy three items which they hope will make a profit at auction. Plus Charlie fancies his luck as a WWII firefighter.

  10. 1:00pm

    BBC News at One

    Description not available

  11. 1:30pm

    BBC London

    Description not available

  12. 1:45pm



    Series 20 Episode 185: One Lump or Two?

    Izzie has a surprising request for Daniel, Al has a grand idea to present to Jimmi, and Sid gets caught up in a family dispute between two sisters.

  13. 2:15pm

    Head Hunters

    Episode 13

    Today's Head Hunters are facilities manager Victoria, retired GP Yasmin and money blogger Jordon. They must assess today's category board and decide if they need to build a team to plug the gaps in their knowledge. If they want to get some extra help, they will have to tempt today's three qualifying candidates to join their teams by offering them a slice of the jackpot should they win the show.

  14. 3:00pm

    Escape to the Perfect Town


    Series 1 Episode 13: Totnes

    Sonali Shah hits the streets of Totnes and explores the best properties her house hunter could bag for her £320,000 budget. Hoping to trade in a hectic lifestyle in London, her buyer is sold on Totnes being her perfect Devon town, allowing her to work remotely but stay connected and enjoy having a vibrant social scene on her doorstep. Totnes is a hotspot for independent shops and warm community spirit, so Sonali hopes one of the contenders in the property pick and mix will hit that special sweet spot.

  15. 3:45pm

    Money for Nothing

    Episode 13

    At Woking Recycling Centre in Surrey, upcycler extraordinaire Sarah Moore is on the lookout for three unloved items she can save from the skip. Woodworking wonder Bruce Faulseit has a chest of drawers to transform, while upholsterer Leigh-Anne Treadwell attempts to give an old gold chair a radical overhaul. For her own project, Sarah has a collection of redundant file boxes to get creative with, but will she succeed in making all three items saleable?

  16. 4:30pm

    Antiques Road Trip

    Episode 8

    Antiques experts travel across the country, competing to make a profit at auction. Natasha Raskin Sharp and Philip Serrell are in the Peak District, hunting down treasure in the antiques shops across Derbyshire and beyond. Philip looks for divine inspiration at an undertaker's. Natasha, meanwhile, puts all her eggs in one basket and needs go shopping against the clock - but with the shop closing in less than an hour, will she be able to find anything to take to auction? On their travels, Natasha heads for the hills to hear the story of the ramblers who fought for the right to roam, and Philip goes deep underground in search of one of the world's rarest minerals. But who comes out on top at the auction in York?

  17. 5:15pm


    Episode 33

    Quiz in which contestants try to score as few points as possible by plumbing the depths of their general knowledge to come up with the answers no-one else can think of. Presented by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman.

  18. 6:00pm

    BBC News at Six

    Description not available

  19. 6:30pm

    BBC London News

    Description not available

  20. 6:55pm

    The ONE Show

    Description not available

  21. 8:00pm

    Eat Well for Less?


    Episode 5

    Gregg and Chris help a household of students, whose love of brands mean that they are blowing their student loan on pricey pesto and branded pasta. In Bristol, undergraduates Dylan, Ben, Roo and Louis have been flat sharing for nine months. In their second year, they are enjoying the uni lifestyle, but are finding that even with part-time jobs their finances are stretched. They all have different work shifts, and as Roo is a Coeliac and Ben is a vegetarian, they shop separately and rarely cook or eat together, often getting takeaways and ready meals.

  22. 9:00pm

    The Apprentice

    Series 15 Episode 4: Electric Bikes

    Lord Sugar summons the candidates to the London Transport Museum, where he reveals this week's task - creating and selling electric bikes. They will need to create a prototype e-bike and host a launch event, where they will attempt to sell to some of the UK's biggest retailers. Half of each team heads to Nottingham to develop their new bikes, where indecision sends one team into a wheelspin, while for the other team colour clashes nearly cause a collision. The other half of each team stays in London to create marketing materials. There are tough negotiations and, for one team, a last-minute change in direction.

  23. 10:00pm

    BBC News at Ten

    Description not available

  24. 10:25pm

    BBC London

    Description not available

  25. 10:35pm

    Breaking Fashion

    Series 1 Episode 5: Pop-Up

    CEO Adam has a hunch: he wants to create his own version of a knitted bodysuit - as worn by Kylie Jenner - and he wants to get one on sale ahead of his rivals. Can his factory suppliers and design team turn it round in time?Hannah places the order, giving her supplier a one-week deadline. The following day, Adam and Jamie visit the Manchester-based factory to check on the bodysuit progress. Meanwhile, Adam asks his marketing team to focus on pushing the brand and suggests that they showcase some of their clothes at a London pop-up store event. But when assistant marketing manager Grace is sent on a last-minute shoot to Ibiza, her colleague Mel is left to deal with it alone. Facing pressure from Adam to make the pop-up event a success, will she pull it off?

  26. 11:10pm

    The Truth About Obesity


    Episode 16

    Chris Bavin looks at the latest scientific research on obesity and shows how small lifestyle changes can help maximize our chances of keeping trim. The programme reveals the best times of day to eat, how people's gut bacteria may influence their weight and how a simple piece of string can reveal how healthy someone is. Plus we meet leading researchers who hope to solve obesity with a simple injection, and Chris launches an experiment designed to show that a simple app that trains us to select healthy food options could have remarkable success in changing people's eating habits.