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BBC One London

Thursday, August 22nd 2019

  1. 11:20pm

    Kevin Bridges: The Brand New Tour

    Stand-up comedy special. Scottish comic Kevin Bridges gives his take on the modern world, social media, anxiety and religion.

  2. 12:20am

    Weather for the Week Ahead

    Detailed weather forecast.

  3. 12:25am

    Joins BBC News

    BBC One joins the BBC's rolling news channel for a night of news.

  4. 6:00am


    The latest news, sport, business and weather from the BBC's Breakfast team.

  5. 9:15am

    Animal Park Summer Special

    Episode 14

    There is a crisis in Koala Creek as the vet team is called in to investigate why Violet is struggling with her breathing. Ben Fogle and Kate Humble report on how she's battled with her health since she first arrived from Australia just a few months ago. But could this latest battle be one too many for Violet, or will she pull through?In the wild, skunks and north American tree porcupines rub along quite nicely together. But what happens when porcupine Parsnip, bristling with killer quills, comes face to face for the very first time with Cecil the skunk, who will unleash one of the smelliest stinks in the animal world if he gets upset? Who will come off worst? Or will it be the keepers in the firing line? Kate discovers how the death of southern koala Wilpena, just weeks after arriving at the park, might not have been in vain. Wilpena is helping scientists make a breakthrough in understanding why certain diseases are endemic in these vulnerable creatures, and thanks to her a cure might now not be too far away.Jean Johansson discovers how keepers keep tamarin monkeys from straying too far from home.

  6. 10:00am

    Homes under the Hammer


    Episode 52

    Dion Dublin is in Birmingham at a property with one of the smallest kitchens he has come across. Martin Roberts visits a former care home in Penmaenmawr, Wales. Martell Maxwell is in St Helens, Merseyside at a house that seems almost too good to be true.

  7. 11:00am

    A Matter of Life and Debt

    Episode 4

    A couple from Cornwall swap the rat race for the open road. Jess and Ben hire out restored vintage camper vans thanks to a £5,000 ethical loan that helped turn their dream of running a business into a glorious glamping reality.A young businessman appeals to the internet and gets the funding he needs to set up a 'green' business. 28-year-old Stephen has a passion for plants and needed £1250 in crowdfunding to help him branch out in a new direction.And a mum starts the savings habit early to give her children a lesson in finance. Adenike and her children's savings join the £890 million pounds currently deposited with UK credit unions, which they can loan to others at a much lower interest rate.

  8. 11:45am

    Britain in Bloom

    Series 1 Episode 14: Goring

    Chris Bavin travels to the pretty Oxfordshire village of Goring on Thames to meet a determined Bloom group of grandparents who this year are taking on big businesses in the hope of winning a gold award. They aim to transform the refurbished train station which is utilitarian and uninviting, but to do this, they first have to get extensive permissions in place from the train company.

  9. 12:15pm

    Bargain Hunt


    Series 49 Episode 4: Southwell

    Eric Knowles presents from the Southwell Racecourse Antiques Fair in Nottinghamshire. Experts Gary Pe and David Harper guide the way as teams have £300 to spend on three items they hope will make them a profit at the auction in Lincoln. The blues can't agree while the reds pick out an unusual item. Eric also visits the Museum of Timekeeping to find out how certain clocks changed the way we worked.

  10. 1:00pm

    BBC News at One

    The latest national and international news from the BBC.

  11. 1:30pm

    BBC London

    The latest news, sport and weather from London.

  12. 1:45pm


    Episode 9

    Game show in which 24 players compete across the series, scoring points by answering questions correctly. However, they must avoid the impossible answers, otherwise they will be eliminated from the show until the next day. In each episode there are three rounds, and the three highest scorers from each round play against each other in the final. The winner of this battle faces a £10,000 question.

  13. 2:30pm

    Escape to the Country


    Series 17 (45 Minute versions Episode 60: Oxfordshire

    Jonnie Irwin is house-hunting for a handsome country property in Oxfordshire with a couple who have a healthy £900,000 budget. While in the county, Jonnie finds out about making charcoal the environmentally friendly way and samples some food smoked using locally sourced wood.

  14. 3:15pm

    Money for Nothing

    Episode 19

    Sarah Moore is in Witley on a mission to salvage skip-bound items and give them a new lease of life. While Sarah has her hands full reworking a classic cuckoo clock to give it a colourful twist, upcycling whizz Jay Blades gets to work stamping his own unique style on a pair of bamboo chairs.

  15. 3:45pm

    Murder, Mystery and My Family


    Episode 4

    Top criminal barristers Jeremy Dein and Sasha Wass investigate the 1962 armed robbery of a co-op depot in south London, that resulted in an employee being shot dead.Mitcham, London, 1962, on a bleak November night, detectives were called to a Co-op warehouse in south London to be confronted with the aftermath of a violent robbery. The manager's office had been ransacked, the safe plundered of its weekly takings. Outside, a depot vehicle sat abandoned, its window shot out and the body of one Co-op employee, father of two Dennis Hurden, lay lifeless at the entrance.Within hours one of the getaway cars had been found and soon four men were taken into custody and charged for the crime. On the 12th March 1963 at the Old Bailey, one of the defendants George Thatcher was found guilty of capital murder and sentenced to death.George's conviction was quashed on appeal, but he still served almost two decades behind bars. 60 years on George's widow Val is still campaigning to prove her late husband innocence. This controversial case hinged on an unrecorded verbal confession gained by the police of the day, in dubious circumstances.But was it a miscarriage of justice, and can our modern-day legal team cast the conviction in a different light?

  16. 4:30pm

    Flog It!

    Series 15 Episode 49: Croome

    Paul Martin presents from Croome, a stately home in Worcestershire. Antique experts Natasha Raskin and David Fletcher scour the crowd to find objects to take off to auction. Natasha gets her hands on some ceremonial gold epaulettes and David comes across an unusual vase shaped like a peacock. Paul learns about the secret research that took place at RAF Defford, which was based at Croome during the Second World War.

  17. 5:15pm


    Episode 21

    Quiz in which contestants try to score as few points as possible by plumbing the depths of their general knowledge to come up with the answers no-one else can think of. Presented by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman.

  18. 6:00pm

    BBC News at Six

    The latest national and international news from the BBC.

  19. 6:30pm

    BBC London

    The latest news, sport and weather from London.

  20. 7:00pm

    The ONE Show

    Matt Baker and Angellica Bell bring you the stories that matter from across the country.

  21. 7:30pm



    Episode 5976

    Mitch and Karen do their best to support Bailey, Mel gets some alarming news, and Max grows frustrated at Rainie.

  22. 8:00pm

    The Sheriffs Are Coming

    Episode 2

    Sheriffs Mike and Michael are forced to call the police when a confrontation at a Yorkshire car dealers turns ugly. Can they get the man who was sold a faulty car the money he's owed? Rob and Gerald are called to remove a group of squatters from a family business. The unwelcome guests have racked up thousands of pounds in utility bills, leaving the owner massively out of pocket and the place a mess. And a boat removal looks the most likely outcome as Tommy goes in search of a debtor on the beautiful Welsh coast.

  23. 9:00pm

    Fake or Fortune?


    Series 7 Episode 5: Giacometti

    Art series with Fiona Bruce and Philip Mould. Fiona and Philip try to find out whether a stark, white square of plaster that has been passed down through an English family with art world connections is one of Giacometti's earliest works. The quest to discover the history of the sculpture, known as The Gazing Head, leads the team to the bohemian world of 1930s Paris, where artists and intellectuals rubbed shoulders in cafes and studios. Can the team find any proof that the owner's grandmother acquired the sculpture from Giacometti during the time she spent studying and modelling in the city? If it's genuine, the sculpture could be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. As the investigation unfolds, the team travels to Germany to find out how police broke up a forgery ring that churned out thousands of fake Giacometti pieces. The final decision lies with the Giacometti Committee in Paris.

  24. 10:00pm

    BBC News at Ten

    The latest national and international news from the BBC.

  25. 10:25pm

    BBC London

    The latest news, sport and weather from London.

  26. 10:35pm

    Heartbreak Holiday

    Episode 3

    The heartbreak holiday around the Greek islands continues. Maxine opens up about her dating issues to Archie before shocking the group with her story. A big night out sees Luke struggling with his commitment issues again, and will Deano finally get lucky?

  27. 11:20pm

    Who Do You Think You Are?


    Series 15 Episode 5: Katherine Ryan

    Delving deep into her family tree this week, is the Canadian comedian Katherine Ryan. Katherine's investigation of her family history leads her to a Methodist minister and his family in colonial Nova Scotia, cod traders in Newfoundland, and eventually to her English roots in Dorset.