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Changes to the Freeview channel line-up in Plymouth, parts of Devon and east Cornwall

Following required changes to TV signals in Plymouth and parts of Devon and east Cornwall on 19 June 2019, some Freeview channels will no longer be broadcast from the Caradon Hill transmitter. We understand viewers will be disappointed with this change. The vast majority of channels will continue as normal.

Details of the changes and how viewers can continue watching are below:

Service closing Channel Number   Viewers can still watch on… Channel Number
BBC Four HD 106 BBC Four 9
BBC News HD 107 BBC News 231
Channel 4+1 HD 109 Channel 4+1 13
4sevenHD 110 4seven 47
QVC HD 111 QVC 16
QVC Beauty HD 112 QVC Beauty 35
RT HD 113 RT 234
Quest HD 114 Quest 12
CBeebies HD 205 CBeebies 202
5STAR+1 56 5STAR 30
5USA+1 57 5USA 21
CBS Reality+1 67 CBS Reality 66
Quest Red+1 78 Quest Red 38
Pick+1 92 Pick 11


Unfortunately, programming from the following channels will no longer be available from the Caradon Hill transmitter from 19 June 2019.
We recommend viewers retune on or after this date to update their TV guide.

Service Channel number Other ways to watch or listen free…
FreeSports 64 freesat channel 252
Jewellery Maker 74 Red button on Sewing Quarter (channel 73)
on connected TVs,, freesat channel 807
Now 80s 83 TV Player free version
Now 90s 84 TV Player free version
Together 89 Togethertv.comMy5, TV Player free version, freesat channel 164
PBS America 91 My5, freesat channel 155
Forces TV 96, freesat channel 165
Smithsonian Channel 99 freesat channel 175
Trans World Radio 733

Why are some channels no longer available at this transmitter?
Unfortunately, it is no longer viable to broadcast some channels from Caradon Hill due to the complexity of the changes required to update TV signals.