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Born From the Same Stranger

Everyone born from a donor might have siblings they had no idea existed, who were born from the same stranger. Here, a man gets instant results putting his DNA on websites.

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Dream Life For The Same Price

Is it possible to live the life you've always wanted for the same price you're paying now? Property expert Jean Johansson sets out to prove that it can be done...

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Dream Life - Channel 4

Joe Lycett vs Sewage

Joe Lycett investigates the mind-boggling quantities of untreated sewage discharged into our waterways every day, and takes the fight to the water companies in the most Joe Lycett way possible.

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Olivia Attwood: The Price of Perfection

In this episode Olivia delves into the innovative and lucrative world of facial cosmetic procedures; from insta-worthy Cupid lips in LA to Fox Eye brow lifts done in your lunch hour.

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Brits Down Under

A bunch of intrepid backpacking Brits head for the Australian Outback for 88 days hard manual labour. In return they may get a visa extension. Or just the sack.

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Brits Down Under - Channel 4

I Am Andrew Tate

The explosive story of Andrew Tate's rise, arrest and fall. Where did the world's most Googled man spring from? Is he a dangerous icon for toxic masculinity or a misunderstood internet star?

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I Am Andrew Tate - Channel 4

The Secret World of Fight Clubs

With exclusive access to two very different fight clubs, Untold uncovers what really happens in and out of the ring and what motivates organisers and fighters. What attracts people to such violence?

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Roman Kemp: The Fight for Young Lives

Roman Kemp strives to move the conversation from encouraging young people to talk about their mental health to making sure they are properly supported when they speak out. 

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Britain's Human Zoos

A shocking exploration of the stories of the Black and brown people brought to Britain at the turn of the 20th century - exploited for popular entertainment and scientific experimentation

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Britain's Human Zoos - Channel 4

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