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We have rounded up some of the True Crime documentaries and dramas available on Freeview Play now. You can check out the full range of True Crime recommendations on Channel 100 on your Freeview Play TV now. 


Hunting the Catfish Crime Gang

Having posted his life on social media, James Blake's identity is stolen and used in scams. In a fight to get his identity back, he uncovers a world of organised crime.

Watch now on BBC iPlayer

The Grave

The story of a search for justice, told over a year. The search for loved ones continues after a mass grave was discovered in the autumn of 2022 in a forest in northeast Ukraine.

Watch now on ITVX

The Grave - ITVX

Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole

Over 2000 US inmates are serving life for crimes they committed as children. This documentary series delves into some of their cases as their sentences are reviewed. Part of True Crime on Channel 4.

Watch now on Channel 4

Truth or Dare: The Murder of Mary Gregory

A harmless game of Truth or Dare leads to a tragic murder, but how can police solve it?

Watch now on My5

Truth or dare - My5

The Other Mrs Jordan - Catching the Ultimate Conman

Three-part drama series. When Mary Turner Thomson meets William Jordan online, a jaw-dropping revelation is followed by a shock phone call.

Watch now on ITVX

Donal MacIntyre: Killer Evidence

A homeless man finds human limbs wrapped in black bin bags. It's the start of a trail of forensic clues that will eventually lead police to one of London's most shocking serial killers.

Watch now on BBC iPlayer

Cold Case Files

Once a case turns cold, it is unlikely to be solved. But occasionally, forensic advances and new technology allows detectives to re-examine the evidence and reveal the truth behind the crime.

Watch now on Channel 4

Scars: Surviving a Stabbing

Film-maker Aodh Breathnach explores the psychological impact of people being stabbed while reflecting on his own experience of being attacked with a knife eight years ago.

Watch now on BBC iPlayer

Scars: Surviving a stabbing - BBC iPlayer

The Child Snatcher: Manhunt

In this drama documentary, first-hand testimonies reveals one of the UK's largest murder investigations: hunting a serial killer obsessed with abducting and murdering young girls.

Watch now on My5

The Child Snatcher: Manhunt - My5

Gaia: A Death on Dancing Ledge

Zara McDermott explores the mysterious disappearance of 19-year-old Gaia Pope-Sutherland.

Watch now on BBC iPlayer

Diabolical Women

Hear real-life stories of women who committed extraordinary crimes from those impacted and those who brought them to justice, with commentary from psychologists.

Watch now on Channel 4

Diabolical Women - Channel 4

Green River Killer: Hunting the Monster

One of the USA's most prolific serial killers, Gary Ridgway, terrorised Washington for years. This is the story of his cruel crimes and how he was eventually captured. Part of True Crime on Channel 4.

Watch now on Channel 4

Green River Killer - Channel 4

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