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True Crime on Freeview Play

We have rounded up some of the True Crime documentaries and dramas available on Freeview Play now. You can check out the full range of True Crime recommendations on Channel 100 on your Freeview Play TV now. 


Coldblooded: The Clutter Family Murders

Powerful docu-series charting the murders that shocked a nation. Delve into the shocking story of the Clutter Family murders, made famous by Truman Capote's book.

Watch now on ITVX

Night Coppers

On the beat with the cops who police Brighton's hectic night life - where sometimes dark humour is the best way of making it through the night.

Watch now on Channel 4

Forensics: The Real CSI

Multiple cameras follow serious crime investigations in real time, revealing the crucial role cutting-edge forensic science now plays in bringing criminals to justice.

Watch now on BBC iPlayer

The Idaho Murders: Trial by TikTok

Zara McDermott heads to the USA and the small town of Moscow, Idaho to find out about the tragic murders of four students and the global online manhunt that followed their deaths. 

Watch now on BBC iPlayer

Trial in the Outback: The Lindy Chamberlain Story

A look at the infamous 1980 trial of Lindy Chamberlain, who was accused of murdering her nine-week-old baby during a family camping trip, after the child was attacked by a dingo.

Watch now on UKTV Play

Liar: The Fake Grooming Scandal

Twenty-two-year-old Ellie Williams was jailed for lying about being trafficked and raped by a vicious Asian grooming gang. Now, for the first time, the truth is laid open.

Watch now on BBC iPlayer

Murder Trial

Murder, mystery, and a search for justice. A compelling insight into the work of the police and prosecutors bringing suspects to trial at Glasgow’s High Court.

Watch now on BBC iPlayer

Drugs Map of Britain

Cutting through the headlines - the real world of users and dealers in the UK today. What are the drugs of choice across the nation, and what are they doing to local communities?

Watch now on BBC iPlayer

The Playboy Bunny Murder

Crime series led by Marcel Theroux, investigating the dark side of a glamorous world. Was there a serial killer behind the horrific, unsolved murders of the 1970s?

Watch now on ITVX

To Catch A Copper

Jaw-dropping documentary series which, like the real Line of Duty, unearths shocking cases of corrupt officers in Avon and Somerset Police

Watch now on Channel 4

Police: Suspect No. 1

Can the police piece together enough evidence to charge their key suspects?

Watch now on My5

The Other Mrs Jordan - Catching the Ultimate Conman

Three-part drama series. When Mary Turner Thomson meets William Jordan online, a jaw-dropping revelation is followed by a shock phone call.

Watch now on ITVX

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