Avoid remotes at dawn

Say goodbye to TV bickering, watch one channel and record another.

Pause for pizza

The takeaway's here, that cliff-hanger can wait.

Pause, record and rewind live TV

With a Freeview HD Recorder, you’ll never miss a moment. Record the UK’s favourite TV channels in stunning HD, and it’s £0 a month.

Freeview HD Recorder

TV that fits
around you

Now you can watch what you want, when you want:

  • Record a whole series and enjoy it later
  • QI or Made in Chelsea? Just watch one and record another
  • The takeaway’s here, press pause, this is TV at your convenience
  • Missed that nail-biting finale? Just rewind it


Pause live TV

Phone ringing? Press the pause button on your Freeview HD Recorder remote and press play to pick up where you left off.


Series record

Find the series you want to record from your onscreen TV guide using the arrow keys, highlight the show and select series record.


Programme clash?

Record one and watch another. From the TV guide, highlight and select the show to record and then watch later.

Can I get Freeview?

Also available: Choose a Freeview Play TV or recorder to get loads of great catch up straight from the TV guide – and you get all the Freeview channels too.


Choose your Freeview HD recorder

We have a whole range of Freeview HD Recorders that give you more control over your viewing. Simply connect one to your TV and aerial, then you’re good to go.

Freeview HD Recorder is available from

Freeview Recorder top questions

What is a Freeview HD Recorder?

A Freeview HD Recorder makes it easy for you to record the TV you want so you can watch it when you want. More than 60 Freeview digital channels and up to 12 HD channels are there for you to choose from and record.

With a Freeview HD Recorder you record a show using the TV Guide, highlighting and then selecting the show you want to record. Choose to record a single programme, or a whole series. With most recorders you can record one show while watching another.

A Freeview HD Recorder also allows you to pause what you are watching or rewind live TV if you miss something.

You will need to buy a Freeview HD Recorder, but after that there’s no monthly subscription to pay and no contract to sign.

*the number of channels available is subject to digital TV coverage at your address.

Note: Freeview HD Recorder was previously called Freeview Plus.

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Will I need to change my aerial to get a Freeview HD Recorder?

If you currently receive Freeview through your aerial, then you won’t need to change a thing, just plug your aerial lead into your new recorder. If you are moving to Freeview from another service, you will need to make sure you have working aerial to plug into your Freeview HD Recorder.

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