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Accessible TV Guide

Welcome to the Freeview Play Accessible TV Guide

The Freeview Play Accessible TV Guide makes it simpler for you to find the shows you love that meet your accessibility needs.

Simply press 555 on your remote control

Available at Channel 555 on the majority of Freeview Play devices, the new Accessible TV Guide is a dedicated area designed to make finding content simpler if you have accessibility requirements, or if you’d prefer to use an enlarged, talking TV guide.

About Channel 555


Press 555 on your Freeview Play remote

Quick and easy to navigate

The Accessible TV Guide has been designed for viewers with visual impairments, with a high contrast UI, screen magnification, and (on some devices) a text-to-speech function. 

Upon selecting Channel 555, you will be asked for your preferred accessibility settings from the below options: 

  • Use text-to-speech for on screen navigation (if supported on your device) 
  • Show only programmes with audio description  
  • Show only programmes with subtitles  
  • Show only programmes with sign language

Devices supporting the text-to-speech function are listed on our compatible devices page.

See compatible devices

Freeview Play Accessible TV Guide Home

Browse your favourite shows and select what you want to watch

Selecting the audio description, subtitles and sign language viewing options will filter the TV Guide to display shows that are available to watch.  

Once your preferred viewing option is highlighted press OK to select it.

Your settings will now be the same every time you come back to the guide on Channel 555.

About Channel 555

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How to use the Accessible TV Guide

The quick tutorial below will talk you through the features available to you through the Freeview Accessible TV Guide.

Please note: On some Freeview Play devices the text-to-speech functionality is not available - see our FAQ for a list of compatible devices.

See compatible devices

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We really like it when our viewers contact us with ideas to develop the Freeview experience. This is especially true of the Accessible TV Guide.

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