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From subtitles and audio description, to talking devices and hearing induction loops, we offer various services to make sure Freeview is accessible to everyone.

Freeview’s Accessible TV Guide will make it simpler for viewers with accessibility needs, such as visual impairments or hearing loss, to discover and find content more easily. 

Developed with insight from viewers, advocacy groups, and accessibility research agencies - including the RNIB, Scope and the Digital Accessibility Centre - the Accessible TV Guide won Gold at this year’s Connected TV Awards for 'Advancing the User Experience'. 

The first dedicated accessibility solution to launch on a UK TV platform, the guide is easy to find via Channel 555 on Freeview Play TVs and offers viewers a seamless experience which is uniform across devices and works straight out of the box.

Does my device have the Accessible TV Guide?

Currently, the Accessible TV Guide can be accessed through Channel 555 on selected internet-connected Freeview Play devices*, as listed below.  

If your device is not listed, don't worry - we're working to roll-out the Accessible TV Guide to more Freeview Play devices in the near future.

Manufacturer Range
Blaupunkt 2020 TVs
Bush 2019, 2020 TVs
Digihome 2019 TVs
Electriq 2019 TVs
Emotion 2020 TVs
Eternity 2020 TVs
Finlux 2019 TVs
Hisense 2016, 2019 and 2020 TVs
Hitachi 2019 TVs
Humax 4000T/5000T Freeview Play Recorder
JVC 2019 TVs
LG ** All 2016-2019 Freeview Play TVs
Logik 2019 TVs
Luxor 2019 TVs
M&B 2019 TVs
Marlin 2019 TVs
Medion 2019 TVs
Mitchell & Brown 2019 TVs
Nordmende 2019 TVs
Panasonic 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 TVs
Polaroid 2019, 2020 TVs
Sharp 2020 TVs
Solas 2019 TVs
TCL 2018 and 2019 TVs
Technika 2020 TVs
Techwood 2019 TVs
Toshiba 2019 TVs
UMC 2020 TVs
Walker 2019 TVs

* The Accessible TV Guide will be rolling out across the full range of Freeview Play devices over the coming months. Alongside regular updates that will incorporate user feedback, new features are also set to launch on the guide in 2021. These include the integration of Freeview Play’s on demand content recommendations, which will be filtered according to each viewer’s accessibility needs.

** Some viewers with LG TVs may find that the Accessible TV Guide is not appearing at Channel 555, even after retuning their TV. In this case, try tuning to channel 3 and then try to access the guide on Channel 555 again. This should restore the guide.
If this does not work then try turning on HBBTV in the settings. This can usually be done by going to Settings > Advanced Settings > Programmes > HBBTV on your device.
If you are unable to find the required setting by following the above instructions more detailed information can be found by visiting the manufacturers website.

Setting up the Accessibility TV Guide

1. To use the new Accessibility TV Guide you will need to go to Channel 555 on your Freeview Play connected device, you will have to make sure that your TV is retuned and fully up to date with current channel listings.

For more information on how to retune, see our handy retuning videos.

2. On your first visit to Channel 555 you will be prompted to set up the guide based on your preferences please see the below image and explanation of the settings:

Accessible TV Guide 'Welcome' screen


  • Use text-to-speech for onscreen navigation: From here you can set your preferred voice, volume and text speed settings.
  • Show only programmes with audio description: Allows you to choose only programmes with audio description.
  • Show only programmes with subtitles: Allows you to choose only programmes with subtitles.
  • Show only programmes with sign language: Allows you to choose only programmes with sign language.

Once you've set your preferences, you just need to press right on your remote to save them. This will take you to an agreement giving you the option to opt-in or out of the collection of anonymous data to help improve our services.

  • To opt-in, press right on your controller.
  • To opt-out, press down on your controller.

3. You're now ready to watch your favourite programmes.

How do I use the Freeview Accessibility Guide?

Now you've set your preferences for the guide you're ready to use it - you can access at any time by going to Channel 555 on your Freeview Play connected device.

Once on Channel 555 you'll see the following screen:

Screenshot of Channel 555 on the Accessible TV Guide


  • On this screen, you can navigate through the days at the top by using left or right on your remote, this will allow you to navigate up to 7 days ahead on the schedule.
  • On the next row down, you can select your preferred channel by using left or right on your remote.
  • As you continue to scroll down you can select the programme you want to watch. You can also scroll left or right here on the channel grid to move between channels.

As you navigate through the guide you will be assisted by the voice you've selected with information on the current selection and further instructions on how to navigate.

Accessible TV Guide tutorial

This tutorial will take you through the features available to you through the Freeview Accessible TV Guide:

Accessibility on Freeview

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We really like it when our viewers contact us with ideas to develop the Freeview experience. This is especially true of the Accessible TV Guide.

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