Rate cards

LCN swaps, changes and trades

On 1 March 2021, following a consultation, Digital UK published a statement on changes to its LCN Policy.

In order to give more flexibility to channel providers, we decided to:

  • Remove the restrictions on how often channel providers may reorder LCNs within their portfolio and change channels’ names
  • Remove the restrictions on channel providers trading LCNs

In both cases, we decided to introduce reasonable fees. We said we would publish rate cards, and that LCN trades would not be permitted or administered until after publication of the relevant rate card.

The rate cards are as follows:

Swaps and changes within a channel provider's own portfolio:
Total fee (excl. VAT):  £850.00

Changes resulting from LCN trading
Total fee (excl. VAT):  £1,100.00


  • A channel provider will only have to pay one amount for all changes in its portfolio occurring on a particular day.
  • If a channel provider makes changes relating to a trade on the same day as it makes swaps and/or changes within its own portfolio, then it will pay one amount: the trading amount.
  • Charges for changes resulting from LCN trading may be paid by the buyer or seller of the LCN, or may be split between them.
  • Digital UK reserves the right to review the basis on which these fees are calculated in the future; any such review will follow the consultation process as described in the LCN Policy.

Digital UK LCN Policy