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New Freeview Play Features in Panasonic TVs

Freeview and Panasonic have launched a set of new Freeview Play Features in the 4K Panasonic 2017 model lineup. The new Search and Recommendations features will make it even easier to find great shows. A new Quick Look Guide which is exclusive to Panasonic Freeview Play devices will give viewers a visually rich overview of what’s on at a glance, showcasing the best of live TV and catch-up.

Freeview Play Side Bar

First up, the new Freeview Play Side Bar lets you access three new features: Quick Look Guide, Search and Recommendations as well as Catch Up TV.

The Freeview Play Side Bar is launched when you press the OK key on the remote whilst you’re watching TV.

Press ok to access the sidebar

FVP Side Bar 2

Quick Look Guide

Quick Look Guide

A Freeview Play feature unique to Panasonic, the Quick Look Guide provides an alternative to the TV Guide. Showing live video in the centre of the screen with the ability to browse between channels. The top of the screen shows upcoming programmes on the channel selected, as well as catch up content from the past.

What’s recommended gives viewers easy access to shows from Freeview Play, accessible at any time through the Quick Look Guide.


For the first time, Freeview Play users will be able to search the library of catch up and on demand programmes.

Start keying in your search and we’ll predict the results before you’ve finished typing.

Easily accessible from the Freeview Play Side Bar or via the blue button in the Freeview Play TV guide, Search helps you quickly find your favourite on demand  TV.


Panasonic FVP Search

Panasonic FVP Recommended


Showcasing the very best catch up content curated by Freeview, viewers can browse recommended shows across BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, Demand5 and UKTV Play.

With up to 60 programmes split into 10 different genres, the new Recommendations feature helps users unearth hidden gems in the thousands of shows available on-demand with Freeview Play.

Find Recommendations in the Side Bar, or via the Quick Look Guide.

New Range of Panasonic TVs

Look out for the following model ranges in store now:

EX750 Series

EX700 Series

EX600 Series

(Various screen sizes available for each model)

See the new range of Panasonic TVs in store at your local independent retailer or with any of these national retailers:

1a EX600_Heroshot_Front

1a EX700_Heroshot_Front

1a EX600_Heroshot_Front

1b EX700_Heroshot_Front_40in

1a EX750_Heroshot_Front