How to get Freeview

With Freeview, you can watch over 60 digital TV channels and up to 15 HD channels through your aerial. No monthly cost, no contracts, no fuss. And with new Freeview Play, you can see 95% of the nation’s favourite TV, live and on demand, all without a subscription, straight from your TV Guide.

So how do you get all this Freeview goodness?


What channels can you receive?

Use our handy tool to check what channels you can receive in your area. Just enter your postcode and you’re good to go to No. 2

Choose your Freeview

There’s more than one way to get all the great shows on Freeview. Choose from:

Find new shows on catch up on TV, all straight from the TV Guide.
Watch up to 15 HD channels in vivid colour and neutral detail.
Pause, record and rewind live TV. This is TV at your convenience.

Choose your equipment

You’ll find Freeview in all new TVs, so you might already have it. But if you want to replace an older TV, or you want Freeview Play, Freeview HD or a Freeview HD recorder, you can get it here: