Viewing IP channels on Freeview

Some channels on Freeview are delivered to viewers through the internet and are accessed like a normal channel through the TV Guide. These channels used to be delivered to a standard called MHEG.

The BBC, Digital UK, and the Digital TV Group decided to change the specification for these channels away from MHEG to a new, more flexible standard called HbbTV in order to deliver a better experience for viewers.

The Freeview Play specification that TV and set-top box manufacturers refer to no longer requires TV and set-top box manufacturers to support MHEG delivered channels. Some manufacturers are now producing HbbTV only devices.

This means that if you have a Freeview Play TV that operates only HbbTV, you won’t be able to receive an MHEG delivered channel.

It is the decision of each channel provider whether to provide its service in MHEG only, or in HbbTV, to be compatible with some of the newer HbbTV only devices.

Currently, most internet delivered channels are still in MHEG. We expect more providers to decide to make the move to HbbTV as the number of HbbTV only devices in the market increases.

If you want advice on how to receive an internet-delivered channel that is currently using MHEG, then please contact the channel directly.

For information on your device and if it can receive MHEG or HbbTV we would recommend contacting the manufacturer.

Internet delivered channels on Freeview TV Guide

Channel MHEG or HbbTV
Sonlife MHEG
Vision TV MHEG
On Demand 365 MHEG
Arise News MHEG
Channelbox MHEG

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